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Titan Mattress Reviews

The Titan mattress is a firm mattress typically designed for people who are large in size. The mattress would suit a couple with one being a large individual and the other being an average sized or both being large.
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Titan Mattress Sleep Score

Titan Mattress Reviews

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Overview of Features

  • Extraordinary motion isolation
  • Specially designed for large and heavy sleepers
  • Also suits stomach and back sleepers
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Remarkable response to pressure
  • High value for money
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Great comfort for large sleepers
  • Suits large couples
Titan Mattress is right for you if:
  • Individuals who are greater than 250 lbs
  • Couples who are large and require a durable mattress
  • Heavy individuals who are looking for a cooling mattress
  • Individuals who are stomach sleepers
  • Individuals who are back sleepers
Titan Mattress is not right for you if:
  • Individuals who are thin
  • Those who can not afford


About Brooklyn Bedding

The Titan mattress is a top quality mattress manufactured by Brooklyn Beddings. The bed is highly durable and long-lasting, constructed with top quality foam and material. The robust mattress is ideal for large sleepers who find it hard to sleep on ordinary mattresses. As they say built with individuality in mind the bed is best suited for larger folks.

The company was founded by two Merwin brothers who first had a mattress store and sold other brands. From a single store to twenty stores, they finally decided to make their own mattresses. Their experience and hard work had taught them how to make a good mattress.

They started to make the mattresses in their own factory and then they sold it at their own stores. The name Brooklyn is taken from the daughter of one of the Merwin brothers. Very soon, they became a famous brand amongst other mattress brands. This is greatly attributed to the quality of materials they used in the mattresses.

The Titan mattress is made in the USA with a 10-year warranty. You can get this mattress home and enjoy a 120-night risk-free trial. Typically designed for heavier people, the mattress comes in a box. As it is made in the U.S, the mattress passes all quality checks and balances.

Titan enjoys a very good reputation amongst heavy sleepers and ratings are high. Customers who are large sleepers often recommend this to other large sleepers. However, people who are large and are side sleepers may not get enough relief on this mattress.

Titan Mattress Benefits Overview

In today’s world, buying and selling standards have risen. Buyer satisfaction is taken as an understood deal when purchasing a mattress. To satisfy buyers, companies push their limits and add features, striving hard to meet the customer’s expectations.

The titan mattress consists of three layers and is 11 inches high. It is remarkably comfortable for large sleepers. It has a one-inch quilted cover which is made up of stretchable polyester material.

The mattress feels soft yet durable at the same time. It has one inch of memory foam, but you can’t see it because this foam is infused with gel foam typically designed to keep heat away from the body.

It contains three layers in total. Underneath the one inch quilted cover, there is a two-inch layer of tightened flex. Underneath the second layer, there is an industrial-strength support system of individually wrapped coils. These coils are specially designed to be extra durable to maximize spine alignment for larger people.

Brooklyn bedding a US company that puts a lot of emphasis on helping people find the right fit for their specific needs has introduced titan mattress exclusively for people who are 250lbs and manufactures them in their own factory in Arizona.

Titan Mattress Technology Details

The 11 inches thick Titan mattress is a highly firm mattress specially designed for large sleepers.

The mattress has three main layers which consist of the first layer as the quilted top infused with hybrid gel foam, the second as an individually wrapped coil system and at the end a density foam base. This gives the mattress its unique ability to handle large individuals well in comparison to ordinary mattresses.

The top quilted layer is made up of very smooth and stretchable material with a highly attractive design. If you press the top layer, you can feel it is very soft and takes time to get back in shape. Also, it provides excellent temperature regulation as it uses gel foam to regulate temperature.

However, the second layer is quite hard, and if you press the mattress harder, it will bounce back immediately. For a large sleeper, it will feel soft, but for someone below 200lbs, it won’t feel soft. This is because it is made for heavier individuals, so side sleepers and people who are light would not feel much comfortable on it.

The mattress has a remarkable motion isolation property. If you have a partner that moves a lot while sleeping, then this mattress is an ideal choice you won’t feel them move at all. The industrial standard pocketed coils in this mattress provide super-efficient motion isolation and firmness to the bed.

Titan Mattress

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Titan Mattress Sizing and Pricing

Cali King72" x 84"$1249
Full53" x 75"$799
King76" x 80"$1249
Queen60" x 80"$999
Twin38" x 75"$699
Twin XL38" x 80"$749


Customers Ultimately Bought

Comfort level

Very firm 10/10
  • Extra Soft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Plush Firm
  • Firm
Country of originUSA
Free deliveryYes
Fits adjustable bedYes
Quilted foamYes


Cali King72" x 84"
Full53" x 75"
King76" x 80"
Queen60" x 80"
Twin38" x 75"
Twin XL38" x 80"
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1" Memory foam -
2" Support layer
1" Polyfoam/polyurethane foam - pale yellow
8" Pocket coils
1" High density polyfoam - dark green
1.25" TitanFlex foam
0.375" Memory foam -
4" Individually pocketed coils
7" Continuous coils
2" Polyfoam/polyurethane foam - pale yellow
2.5" Microcoils
7.5" Pocket coils


MediumFirmCushion Firm


100 Days120 Days120 Days


15 years15 years10 years