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Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress Reviews

Grand 14 is a luxury Memory foam mattress from Pureflex Sleep. It is a handcrafted mattress, made for superior comfort and support at an ideal sleep temperature. The Thermophase Memory foam mattress uses premium quality foams for the most refreshing and de-stressing slumber.

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Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress Reviews



About Pureflex Sleep

Grand 14 is a luxury Memory foam mattress from Pureflex Sleep. It is a handcrafted mattress, made for superior comfort and support at an ideal sleep temperature. The Thermophase Memory foam mattress uses premium quality foams for the most refreshing and de-stressing slumber.

The Pureflex Sleep has its headquarters in New York, US. The company manufactures all its products within the country. The Pureflex Sleep engineers employ decades of expertise in sleep sciences in designing their luxury products. With 40 years of experience in the mattress industry, these sleep experts bring you the best ZZZs of your life. The compressed mattresses are roll-packed and shipped free within the US. All the foams are CertiPUR-US certified for VOCs and little to no off-gassing and chemical emissions.

Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 is the best affordable mattress with Memory foam comfort and ideal sleeping temperature. The brands other products feature same mattress dimensions and construction. The mattress size varies only in height profile. Customers review Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 as one of the best foam mattresses. The Pureflex Sleep luxury mattress range provides an endless comfort for your beauty sleep.

Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress Benefits Overview

The Pureflex Sleep experts aim to provide the most pressure-relieving and de-stressing rest to their customers. The brand uses the world’s best foams to bring you the most luxurious sleep experience for a fair price.

The 14-inch Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 combines three specialty layers for extreme comfort and pressure relief. Thermophase Memory foam layers regulate sleeping temperature. They maintain your body temperature to a neutral and comfortable level. The mattress molds your curves and cushions each part of your body. The plush surface prevents discomfort in shoulders and hips of side sleepers. Similarly, the foam fills the gaps by conforming to your spinal arch, padding it for posture control. Stomach sleepers may experience some discomfort and misalignment due to the excessive sinking of abdomen and hips.

High-density Memory foam dampens movements. The Grand 14 is ideal for bed sharing as it prevents partner movements from disturbing your power slumber. Motion transfer is a serious consideration if you are a pet owner or share your bed with partner or kids. The Pureflex Grand 14 has secure edges, allowing you to utilize the entire mattress surface. You can enjoy a uniform comfort and support from the middle to the periphery of the bed.

The Grand 14 has a subtle bounce that allows you to move in the bed relatively easily. Changing sides in sleep is comfortable without much difference in feel. The 14-inch height makes it a cozy bed for people of all sizes, shapes, and build. The deep compression support from the 8-inch high-density Polyfoam is crucial for heavier persons. The Grand 14 uses high-quality premium mattress materials. Enjoy the regenerating benefits of sound sleep throughout the entire lifespan of this durable bed. The Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 is the best affordable mattress featuring Memory foam, the luxury mattress material. Read Pureflex Sleep reviews and check out customer satisfaction ratings for further insight into Grand 14 mattress benefits.

Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress Features Overview

  • Suitable on platform, box-spring, slatted, and adjustable foundations
  • Plush mattress surface for side sleepers
  • Supportive composition for back sleepers
  • Healthy spinal alignment
  • Outstanding pressure-relief
  • Remarkable temperature regulation
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Supports all body structures
  • Available mattress sizes are Twin, Full, Queen, and King
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent cost-based value
  • Little to no off-gassing

Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress Technology Details

The 14-inch thick Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 features three unique foam layers for some powerful ZZZs.

The 2.5-inch Pureflex Gel Visco Memory Foam limits heat retention and keeps the mattress surface cool. The gel infused foam draws heat away from your body. The microspheres absorb heat in this cooling mattress. As your body temperature lowers to an uncomfortable level, these particles release heat to bring your body temperature back to normal. The Thermophase Memory foam maintains an optimal sleeping temperature for a comfortable snooze. You also feel a sinking sensation as the Memory foam molds your curves. The instant pressure-relief relaxes your tired body, and you experience a dreamy comfort on the Grand 14 mattress.

The 3.5-inch Pureflex Gel Memory foam further cools down the mattress. This additional layer of memory foam provides further sinkage and contouring. The foam conforms to your curves in every sleep position. Whether you are a back or a side sleeper, this mattress fills the gaps to cradle your body parts gently. Side sleepers experience flexible support without any pressure points formation in the hips and shoulders. Similarly, the foam cradles your back and maintains perfect alignment as you lie supine.

The 8-inch Pureflex Base foam adds resilience to the mattress. This foundational foam supports your whole body and prevents further sinkage. This flexibility is especially crucial for heavier persons to avoid the stuck feel. Stomach sleepers with a large build get deep compression support from this foam. Changing sides on Grand 14 is quick and comfortable due to the responsiveness of this layer. If you are a mixed sleeper, you can enjoy a comfy sleep on this bed. The 8-inch thick Polyfoam gives structure and durability to the mattress. The secure edges prevent the roll-off accidents and resist sagging as well. The mattress cover is thick and quilted to offer you a soft pillowy surface to enjoy your snooze.

Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress


  • If you prefer a temperature neutral mattress
  • If you seek instant pressure-relief for your tired body
  • If you prefer sinking comfort of Memory foam
  • If you lie mostly in one position
  • If you expect to share your bed
  • If you sleep predominantly on your sides or back


  • If you prefer a chilled sleep surface
  • If you tend to change sleep positions frequently
  • If you prefer a bouncy bed such as innerspring or latex
  • If you are a stomach sleeper

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Comfort level
Medium 5/10
  • Extra Soft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Plush Firm
  • Firm

Height14 "
Country of originUSA
Free deliveryYes
Mattress build3 layers foam
Fits adjustable bedYes
Quilted foamYes

Full54" x 75"
King76" x 80"
Queen60" x 80"
Twin39" x 75"
Other Specification


Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress
  • 2.5" Gel Memory Foam - light blue
  • 3.5" Gel Memory Foam - light blue
  • 8" Support layer
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This is the pricing breakdown for Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress. Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress is ranked #9 among Gel Memory Foam Mattress, following Sweet Zzz Hotel Choice Hybrid mattress ranked #8 and Voila mattress, ranked #7. The Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress is followed by Aloha Sleep and Classic Brands Gramercy, ranked #10 and #11, respectively.

This popular bed is available in different sizes, with variation in prices. The Twin sized Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress is priced $1200whereas a Queen sized Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress is available for $1500. Per the market statistics, a similar Queen size mattress by Brooklyn Bedding brand, from the Hybrid Mattress category is priced $1800, while a Queen Aloha Sleep, belonging to the same category, costs $800. Thus, Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress is one of the most affordable sleep surfaces.

Pureflex Sleep Grand 14 Mattress Pricing