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OrganicPedic 81 Mattress Reviews

OrganicPedic 81 Mattress

1. Leesa

  • 10" 3 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

2. Brooklyn Bedding...

  • 13" 5 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

3. Saatva

  • 11.5" 4 layers foam and coil
Free shipping, in a box

4. Sapira

  • 11" 4 layers foam and springs
Free shipping, in a box

5. Puffy

  • 10" 2 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

6. Muse

  • 12" 3 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

7. Brentwood Home...

  • 14" 4 layers foam and springs
Free shipping, in a box

8. Brooklyn Bedding...

  • 12" 2 layers foam and springs
Free shipping, in a box

9. Loom & Leaf

  • 12" 4 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

10. Bear

  • 10" 4 layers foam
Free shipping, in a box

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Mattress Inquirer

offers both natural Talalay and organic Dunlop latex mattresses. The line has limited review information, but from what we could find, satisfaction appears to be slightly above average at 85%. Leave sleepare and read full review
OrganicPedic 81 Mattress Reviews

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    OrganicPedic 81 Mattress
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        Comfort level
        Firm 8.5/10
        • Extra Soft
        • Soft
        • Medium
        • Plush Firm
        • Firm

        Height14 "
        Warranty20 years
        Country of originUSA
        Free deliveryYes
        Mattress build6 layers foam
        Fits adjustable bedYes
        Quilted foamYes

        King76" x 80"
        Queen60" x 80"
        Other Specification


        OrganicPedic 81 Mattress
        • 3.5" Comfort layer
        • 1.5" Polyfoam/polyurethane foam - pale yellow
        • 3" Latex foam
        • 3" Latex foam
        • 3" Latex foam
        OrganicPedic 81 Mattress reviews

        OrganicPedic 81 Mattress

        11 reviews
        80 people use this
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        This is the pricing breakdown forOrganicPedic 81 Mattress. OrganicPedic 81 Mattress is ranked #0 among Foam Mattress, Latex Mattress. The OrganicPedic 81 Mattress is followed by Zenhaven and Spindle, ranked #1 and #2, respectively.

        This popular bed is available in different sizes, with variation in prices. Queen sized OrganicPedic 81 Mattress is available for $11495. Per the market statistics, a similar Queen size mattress by brand, from the category is priced $, while a Queen Zenhaven, belonging to the same category, costs $1900. Conclusively, OrganicPedic 81 Mattress is one of the most luxurious sleep surfaces offering various benefits to the sleeper.

        OrganicPedic 81 Mattress Pricing