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Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress Reviews

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Expert Reviews


Slumber Search - Chris Moberg

The Luxury Contour is described as slightly softer than medium and the 'pinnacle of luxury,' while still being competitively priced. Here is what's inside: 1.5'' of copper phase change gel memory foam that keeps things contouring but still chilled, 2'' of softer 3lb density energex foam, 1'' of 4lb visco soft memory foam, 3'' of 1300 mico-coils that react to the body while still being on the softer side, and lastly 4'' of high density support foam to give your back and spine relief. Read full review

The Sleep Sherpa - Ben Trapskin

Dedicated side sleepers will fall in love with this mattress. It does a phenomenal job at addressing pressure points in your hips and shoulders. Sleepers that switch between side and stomach sleeping may want to consider the Alexander Hybrid as it is a bit firmer. Read full review

Our Sleep Guide - ?Justin Roberts

This mattress combines premium cooling fabrics with pressure relieving foams for ideal plush comfort. It also is using a micro pocket spring coil system that reacts to your bodys movements and responds accordingly. This allows for ideal soft support as well as a cocooning and hugging feel. Read full review

What is Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress?

    WHO SHOULD BUY Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress?
      WHO SHOULDN'T BUY Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress?

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      Comfort level
      Medium 5/10
      • Extra Soft
      • Soft
      • Medium
      • Plush Firm
      • Firm

      Height12 "
      Weight98 pounds
      Warranty2 years
      Trial period100 days
      Country of originUSA
      Free deliveryYes
      Mattress build3 layers foam
      Fits adjustable bedYes
      Quilted foamNo

      Cali King72" x 84"
      Full54" x 75"
      King76" x 80"
      Queen60" x 80"
      Twin39" x 75"
      Twin XL39" x 80"
      Other Specification


      Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress
      • 2" Comfort layer
      • 1" Memory foam -
      • 3" Individually pocketed coils
      • 4" High density polyfoam - dark green
      Comfort Level
      • Adjustable Firmness
      • Cushion Firm
      • Firm
      • Medium
      • Medium firm
      • Medium soft
      • Plush
      • Slightly Firm
      • Soft
      • Softest
      • Ultra Firm
      • Very firm
      • Very soft
      Product Categories
      • Latex Mattress
      • Memory Foam Mattress
      • Foam Mattress
      • Hybrid Mattress
      • Spring Mattress
      • Air Mattress
      • Crib Mattress
      • Gel Memory Foam Mattress
      • High Density Foam
      Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress reviews

      Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress

      7 reviews
      80 people use this
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      This is the pricing breakdown for Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress. Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress is ranked #30 among Hybrid Mattress, following Naturepedic Chorus mattress ranked #29 and Bear Hybrid mattress, ranked #28. The Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress is followed by Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort and Luma, ranked #31 and #32, respectively.

      This popular bed is available in different sizes, with variation in prices. The Twin sized Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress is priced $1100whereas a Queen sized Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress is available for $1600. Per the market statistics, a similar Queen size mattress by BedInABox brand, from the Foam Mattress category is priced $1900, while a Queen Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort, belonging to the same category, costs $291. Thus, Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress is one of the most affordable sleep surfaces.

      Nest Bedding Luxury Contour Mattress Pricing