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Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress

Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress Reviews

The Eight Sleep Mars+ is a revolutionary hybrid foam mattress, blending four-layers of foams and coils with smart technology. The Mars+ promotes a comfortable, cool, pain-relieving and rejuvenating sleep.

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Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress Reviews

Overview of Features

  • Suitable for slat base, platform base, and adjustable bed foundations
  • Medium-soft comfort level
  • Motion isolation
  • Numerous smart features for a luxurious experience
  • Targeted support by sleeved coils
  • Exceptional edge support
  • Available in various sizes from Full to Cali King
  • Soft and resilient
  • Supports all body structures (regular, lightweight, heavyweight)
  • Works well for front, back and side sleepers
Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress is right for you if:
  • If you want a luxurious sleep experience coupled with smart technology
  • If you want to be aware of your overall sleep quality and aim to improve it
  • If you change sleeping position frequently
  • If you want a smart alarm clock that wakes you up at the lightest sleep stage
  • If you prefer a mattress with excellent motion transfer and edge support
  • If you love a balanced foam feel with resilience and contouring
Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress is not right for you if:
  • If you are looking for a simple and elegant mattress
  • If you want a mattress with no additional tech features
  • If you are looking for a mattress with a very firm or very soft feel
  • If you have a bulky figure
  • If you are looking for a mattress with pure memory foam or innerspring feel


About Eight Sleep

The Eight Sleep Mars+ is a revolutionary hybrid foam mattress, blending four-layers of foams and coils with smart technology. The Mars+ promotes a comfortable, cool, pain-relieving and rejuvenating sleep. The smart sensor in the Mars+ analyzes various essential sleep parameters to improve your overall sleep quality. The Eight Sleep motto is Eight - For Better Sleep.

The Eight Sleep is an online US-based mattress company with its headquarter located in New York. All their products are manufactured and assembled in China, except the technology layer, designed in the US. The brand was founded in 2014 by Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreasi Bassi, and Alexandra Zatarain. Utilizing innovative smart technology techniques, the Eight Sleep transformed consumers sleep experience within a short time. All Eight Sleep products come with a 10-years warranty and 100 days trial period. In case of returns, you can avail the 100% hassle-free refund option.

The Mars+, alongside other products by the Eight Sleep, is an ideal choice if you are a tech-savvy seeking a luxurious and refreshing healthy sleep experience.

Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress Benefits Overview

The Eight Sleep has over 20,000 customers scattered across 46 different countries. Therefore, the brand prioritizes critiques and feedbacks to enhance the consumers’ sleep experience.

The 11" thick Mars+, made with cutting-edge vision, combines technology and comfort for a peaceful sleep. Each layer adds to the resilience, cradling your body curves to enhance pressure relief. The Reactive Foam offers a quick response and adequate bounce, a trait preferred by the people who do not prefer a sink-in feel. The Comfort Foam Layer provides exceptional support to your body and a smooth transition to the spring base. The Sleeved Coils are responsible for remarkable motion isolation, impeccable temperature regulation for a cool sleep, and strong durability.

If you prefer a smart solution to your sleep problems, the technologically advanced mechanism of Mars+ cover efficiently meets your requirements. The smart system can be easily integrated with your home WiFi, offering a wide range of features to improve your overall sleep quality. The Mars+ is a viable choice for individuals who prefer a medium-soft comfort level. Irrespective of your sleep position or body type, the Mars+ helps you enjoy a rejuvenating sleep on a resilient, cool and body-cushioning mattress.

Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress Technology Details

The Mars+ is an 11” thick mattress, combining the following layers:

The top-most layer of Mars+ is a 2” Reactive Foam. This surface adds subtle bounce and a quick response feel, preventing the “sink-in” issue particular to foam. The Reactive Foam layer further allows freedom of movement, especially helpful if you frequently change your positions while sleeping. The small holes in this structure keep the surface cool, aiding in temperature regulation.

The 2” thick Comfort Transition grants smooth transition from the upper foamy surface to the lower coiled layer. This Transition layer construction offers exceptional weight distribution, properly cradling your body curves.

The 4” Sleeved Coils layer of Mars+ is surrounded by Polyurethane Foam. This combination together delivers adequate bounce and support to decrease motion transfer, making Mars+ ideal for couples or people with pets. The spaces available between the coils assist in airflow and restrict heat retention while you are asleep.

The base is a 3” Support Foam. This high-density layer serves as a strong foundational support, adding to the durability and making Mars+ a long-lasting mattress.

Smart Technology Details:

If you are looking for a wholesome and luxurious sleep experience, the smart cover layer may be a valuable addition. Easily integrated with your smart home system, the Eight Sleep app offers a wide range of features to improve your sleep. It is effortless and you need no wearable gadgets to avail the smart technology.

The exceptional sensing capabilities of the sensor ensure the temperature of your mattress is appropriately regulated so you can sleep cool while you slumber. The sensor detects your rest hours and movements at night, providing you a detailed report with tips on how to sleep better. If you sleep with a partner, Eight Sleep offers two sensors on each side. The specialized alarm system wakes you up at the best time, per your sleep schedule, ensuring you get the rest you need. Thus, with Eight Sleep smart technology, you can enjoy a better deep sleep and become more aware of your lifestyle practices.

Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress

Review/Introductory Videos

Introductory video
Set up/foundations
Eight Sleep Mars+ Review
Eight Sleep Smart Mattress
Eight Sleep Smart Tracker Features

Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress Sizing and Pricing

Cali King72" x 84"11"$1600
Full53" x 75"11"$1300
King76" x 80"11"$1600
Queen60" x 80"11"$1400

Eight Sleep Mattress Reviews

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Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress Expert Reviews


Slumber Search - Chris Moberg

April 21, 2018
This is a universal comfort of 5 on the firmness scale for perfect medium soft. The pocket coil and poly foam support system provides a comfortable support, while keeping movement transfer to a minimum. This means no waking up your partner! Leave sleepare and read full review

Real Mattress Review - Ross Paumen

March 19, 2018
Eight Hybrid Mattress is a great medium option for those of you who sleep in multiple positions. The mattress slept cool and with the direct to consumer pricing they also are a good value. I like the floating on top feeling this provides vs a sinking/stuck feeling. Its a solid option and the tracker is awesome! Leave sleepare and read full review

The Sleep Sherpa - Ben Trapskin

February 21, 2018
a great way to get some objective data on how you sleep. Once it is setup, it is effortless. While the mattress itself should appeal to most sleepers, there isnt a one size fits all mattress. You can certainly find softer and firmer mattresses but if you are looking to upgrade to a memory foam mattress and are enticed by the idea of sleep tracking, this is an excellent choice. Leave sleepare and read full review

Honest Mattress Reviews

February 16, 2018
Thanks to a new integration with Amazon's Alexa, the smart mattresses from sleep tech company Eight can now be controlled with your voice. With a new Alexa skill, Eight's sleep-tech products are compatible with the Amazon Echo Leave sleepare and read full review

Our Sleep Guide - Justin Roberts

February 21, 2018
creating a sleep system that utilizes technology to help sleep better. Using an innovative cover that is able to track your sleep patterns, adjust the temperature and work with other smart devices is truly unique. Leave sleepare and read full review

Mattress Clarity - Joe Auer

March 20, 2018
feel of the mattress and think the technology is really awesome. My only caveat is that the sleep tracker itself changes the feel of the mattress and makes it a little bit less comfortable than it would be without the tracker. Leave sleepare and read full review

Good Bed - Michael Magnuson

February 20, 2018
Sleep Tracker topper adds a technology layer that tracks personal sleep patterns and bedroom environment data. The tracker connects to the Eight app which provides feedback to users on each night of sleep, and allows for effortless integration with other smart products to regulate bed temperature, lights, door locks, and more, in real time. Leave sleepare and read full review
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Customers Ultimately Bought

Comfort level

Medium soft 4/10
  • Extra Soft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Plush Firm
  • Firm
Height11 "
Weight90 pounds
Warranty10 years
Trial period100 days
Country of originUSA
Free deliveryYes
Mattress build4 layers foam and springs
Fits adjustable bedYes
Quilted foamYes


Cali King72" x 84"
Full53" x 75"
King76" x 80"
Queen60" x 80"

Other Specification


Eight Sleep Mars + Mattress
  • 2" Responsive foam
  • 2" Transition foam
  • 4" Individually pocketed coils
  • 3" High density polyfoam - dark green


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Medium softMedium softMedium soft


100 Days120 Days120 Days


10 years10 years10 years