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Find your favorite Leesa mattress @SleePare NYC

Rated as the best mattress you can buy online by Business Insider and Wirecutter, Leesa is no doubt superior in quality, comfort, and value for money.

However, you can find out if Leesa is the right mattress for you only if you test it yourself. The brand sells a variety of mattresses designed to meet specific sleeper profiles.

At SleePare’s Mattress store, you can test how comfortable Leesa mattresses are compared with the performance of more than 30+ popular online brands under one roof.

Lie on the mattresses of your choice for 30 minutes at a time, get on-spot consultation from sleep experts, and book an appointment with SleePare for a personalized mattress shopping experience like you’ve never enjoyed before.

You can also test Leesa’s mattresses at their own mattress showroom, the Dream Gallery, in SOHO.

SleePare Leesa Mattress Store in NYC

Why Should You Try Leesa in NYC Showroom Before Buying?

Online mattress shopping is convenient, no doubt. But, it doesn’t give you the chance to try the beds in-person before purchase. Leesa mattresses are designed to give you a thorough sleep experience for sheer relaxation, and in-store testing provides a just-right glimpse into this ideology. The brand’s mattress product line includes three models, Leesa Original, Leesa Hybrid, and Leesa Legend. Each mattress aims to fulfill the sleep needs of many different sleeper types. Your research can give you an objective overview of these products and their features. It can provide you, at best, only a guess about how a mattress would feel. But, you need to test Leesa mattresses in showrooms to experience how they respond to your body in reality and which model is the most comfortable for you. You can test and buy Leesa mattresses at Leesa Dream Galleries and SleePare showrooms. Visit us, experience the bed features firsthand, and get on-the-spot guidance from our expert customer service as well.

Leesa Mattress Trial at SleePare NYC

leesa mattress trial in new york city showroom

Enjoy shopping for Leesa mattress in our lavish mattress showroom in NYC. We strive to help you find you an ideal product by offering quality services to our customers.

Here are a few reasons why you would like to try and buy Leesa mattress at SleePare NYC:

  • Experienced sales staff

    Our trained sales experts have years of experience and knowledge about the mattress industry, inside out. They assist you at every step during the mattress shopping process to help you find the ideal product for your needs.

    They won’t push you into buying an expensive bed or focus on making commissions. Rather, SleePare sales staff serves as the pinnacle of professionalism that instantly puts you at ease, and you know you’re in good hands.

  • Appointment-based Testing Opportunity

    We encourage our customers to schedule an appointment to test mattresses at SleePare NYC showroom. Shopping in crowds often results in rushed decisions and haphazardness. We want to avoid that.

    Hence, appointment-based visits will help you get our unparalleled attention and test any bed with more relaxation.

    It’s best if you intend to buy a new mattress on the spot so our staff can make arrangements for you.

  • More than 20 Online Mattress Brands on Display

    Our showrooms have an amazing collection of leading products by 20+ online mattress brands. This includes those online-only beds which are typically not found in stores.

    Thanks to a variety of options available under one roof, you can now test Leesa alongside other popular foam beds. This can help you experience the features, quality, and prices side-by-side and make a more informed decision to improve your sleep.

  • Get Some Shut-eye to Test Features in Real Time

    Another plus of shopping at SleePare is that you can enjoy a 30-minute nap trial for FREE! In most standard stores, you are only allowed to test features for barely 10 minutes. This short time isn’t enough to fully get the feel of the mattress.

    When you try a mattress for at least half an hour, you can test the support, firmness, cooling, motion transfer and other factors that may affect your overall sleep quality.

  • Amazing Discounts Throughout the Year

    We offer pocket-friendly discount deals all year round to help you choose the best mattress within your budget. Whether you are looking for a temporary bed at low cost or a luxury bed with no budget constraints, we have every type of mattress for you. You can also buy via links on our site and catch coupons for special offers on our partner brands.

  • Same-day Delivery Option for NYC Residents

    Choose our hassle-free threshold shipping or go for white-glove delivery arrangement; it’s all up to your ease! New York buyers can also avail the same or next day freight.

Leesa Post-Sale Experience

  • Warranty

    Mattresses — Every Leesa mattress comes with a 10-year full replacement warranty. It covers all manufacturing defects, including sagging, sinking, coil break and popping, etc. This warranty doesn’t, however, cover user inflicted wears and tears.

    Foundations — Leesa foundations are covered by a 5-year limited warranty which doesn’t cover structural and physical damages, replacement of non-defective components, and second-hand foundations from unauthorized sellers.

    Pillows — Leesa pillows have a 3-year limited warranty. It covers all wears and tears, excluding the normal increase in softness with use, customer induced damages, and returns from unauthorized resellers.

  • Night Trial and Returns

    Leesa mattress brand is so confident of its products’ excellence that it provides you a 100-night trial for mattresses and 30-night for other accessories.

    Leesa gives you a full refund on returns for all products within this trial period. You can exchange your products once during this time by paying the price difference. However, exchange voids your sleep trial.

  • Shipping

    Leesa provides free delivery or white-glove service for a cost of $100. Shipping is done via UPS ground to all 50 US states.

    The company also offers a same-day delivery option exclusively for NYC buyers. You can change your order details within 24 hours.

Leesa Product Overview

nys leesa mattress store

Leesa showrooms in NYC have excellent customer care department and engineering team that works round the clock to keep up with consumer trends and needs.


  • Leesa Mattress

    The 10 inches thick Leesa is a bed-in-a-box mattress suitable for people weighing over 200 pounds. It combines three premium foams to give you the best sleep experience with its loose cradling feel.

    The LSA200 foam technology in Leesa mattress keeps your nights painless and mornings fresh. It prevents the stuck feel, offering you a quality rest irrespective of your preferred sleep position or body structure.

    Leesa mattress is lined up in a soft and smooth polyester cover to enhance your dreamy comfort

  • Leesa Hybrid Mattress

    With all the goodness of Leesa mattress but slightly more supportive, Leesa Hybrid is a five-layered prolific sleep surface. It features the famous Avena foam to prevent heat trap and maintain a touch of soft.

    Being allergy-free, durable, and refreshing, Avena works as a latex alternative. The memory foam recovery layer beneath relieves your pressure points, while the base layer of 1,000+ active response pocketed coils enhances mattress durability and support.

    This build is concealed in a soft stitched cover of woven polyester and rayon fabric.


  • Premium Foam Pillow

    This one-piece memory foam pillow is available in Standard and King size. It provides excellent neck support in all sleeping positions but is considered the best pillow for side sleepers.

    Leesa Premium Foam Pillow bids an aerated construction to maintain your cooling comfort throughout the night. It never requires fluffing or flipping after purchase and has a soft breathable cover that’s safe to wash.

  • Hybrid Leesa Pillow

    Hybrid Leesa pillow is adjustable loft and reversible pillow designed to stay explicitly cool. Its outer fabric contains chilling fibers with a cool-to-touch gel layer intended to rejuvenate your nights.

    To cater to the varying needs of sleepers, Hybrid Leesa Pillow offers a smooth zipper with a removable insert. You can customize it according to your sleep position, head, and shoulder structure and personal preferences.

    This pillow is available in two sizes (Standard and Queen) and never requires fluffing.

  • Down Alternative Pillow

    This Leesa pillow is designed with microfiber fill to rest your head and support your neck. It’s fluffy and without allergens but offers you a feel similar to Down pillows.

    Down Alternative Pillow is lined up with a graceful white-stripe design. It’s ideal to use inside shams or with other cushions to create a picture-perfect bedroom.

Bed Bases

  • Platform Bed

    Platform Bed is quite a new addition to Leesa product family. Bordered with gray twill fabric, and assembled with birch slats and strong wooden legs, it really gives a perfect look to your room.

    This platform bed is designed explicitly for Leesa mattresses, and it requires no tool or frame for setup. It gives your mattress complete support so you can better enjoy your much-coveted sleep.

  • Adjustable Base

    This unique bed frame is a thin-looking simple structure with a sturdy finish. You can set unlimited comfort configurations with its wireless remote controller to let it dance to your tune!

    Leesa Adjustable Base is Bluetooth enabled with an under-the-bed LED lighting. Its customizable telescoping legs allow you to adjust the bed height as you wish.

    The base is pretty easy to assemble. But, if you don’t want the hassle, you can opt for Leesa’s white glove delivery service that includes product assembly.

  • Foundation

    Leesa Mattress Foundation is an American-made strong and modish bedrock. It has a sturdy wooden slat framework bordered with a beautiful upholstered finish.

    It’s easy to assemble and takes up only a few minutes to get finalized look. Consumers praise Leesa Foundation’s quality, setup, and lower price.

  • Bed Frame

    Leesa Bed Frame is a durable easy-to-set metallic base intended to work for both Leesa mattress models and foundation. It’s available for all bed sizes as well.


  • Mattress Protector

    Leesa Mattress Protector is a lightweight bed cover that’s waterproof, washable, and wrinkle-free. It works as the best source to evade dust mites and keeps your mattress protected.

    Leesa Mattress Protector is available for all Leesa and Leesa Hybrid mattress sizes. Consumers love its non-slip and noiseless contact!

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