Why Should You Buy Your Next New Mattress From Costco?

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Learn About America’s Second-Favorite Retail Store

What is Costco?

Costco is among the most popular retail chains in the world. In 2015, it became the world’s second-largest retailer, following Walmart. Besides offering groceries, electronics, and pharmaceutical items, the company has also gained quite a reputation by selling a wide range of sleep products over the years.

Initially, the Price Club was established in 1976 in San Diego, California by the Price brothers. One of their warehouses was named Costco which is still running successfully. The Price Club, later on, merged with Costco in 1993. James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman laid the foundations of the first warehouse of Costco in 1983 in Seattle, Washington. W. Craig Jelinek is serving as the company CEO whereas Richard Galanti is the Vice President.

Costco offers a wide range of services to the customers around the globe including cash-and-carry, merchandise and warehouse club for an enjoyable, and time and cost-effective retail shopping experience. You can either order from online or visit their nearest warehouse to check out the products firsthand.

Warehouse Locations

To date, Costco has over 750 warehouses spread across the world. In the USA, the company has 519 warehouses, 98 in Canada, 26 in Japan, 38 in Mexico, 28 in the UK and the rest in Iceland, Taiwan, Australia, France and Spain.

If you are looking for a mattress within an economical price range and full refund guarantee, It is the perfect place to start your search.

Sleep Products Sold At Costco

Whether you are looking for the best mattresses to improve your sleep, They have an impressive variety! From hybrids to memory foams, the company offers sleep surfaces by many popular brands. You can also find all kinds of sizes on their platform at affordable costs. If you are seeking a mattress-in-a-box facility, you’ll find it at Costco as well!

Finding mattresses:

You can search for mattresses on Costco website through different categories or filter options. This helps you browse more efficiently and quickly.

  • Mattress Composition: If you have a preference for the sleep surface kind (such as memory foam, latex, air, hybrid, foam or spring), you may select a particular category under Mattress Composition. You may also check out various mattress toppers at their site.
    Mattress Composition
  • Mattress Firmness: For anyone seeking a mattress with a specific comfort level preference, Costco offers an option to filter the choices from thousands. Hence, you can select any of the three comfort level options: firm, medium, plush. Variable refers to adjustable comfort level design.
    Mattress Firmness
  • Mattress Type: Costco provides four types of mattresses. You can find some models that suit adjustable bed frames perfectly while others are fit for a flat foundation. You can also check out either only the mattress or complete bed sets by well-known brands.
    Mattress Type
  • Brands: Costco showcases an excellent variety of US mattress brands. Some of them are Novaform, Thomasville, Blackstone, Tempur-Pedic, Simmons Bedding, Brentwood Home, Sleep Science, Stearns and Foster, and Sealy.
  • Sizes: You will find all mattress sizes on Costco, ranging from Twin to Cali King.
  • Cost: At Costco, you can find a queen-sized mattress ranging from $500 to $8000! Thus, the easiest way to filter out the choices is by setting your budget. You may select the price range from here and browse through the mattresses available within your budget.

Costco Policies:

Following are two important policies you should know:

Delivery and shipping

The company offers white glove delivery on their mattresses if you want a service to set-up the new mattress and get rid of the old products. Costco mattresses are delivered in varying time-sets, depending on your availability and the urgency. You may also opt for a delivery within ten days, two to three weeks or in a month.

Returns and refunds

They company immediately issues a refund if you ever wish to return an item. The process is usually quick and hassle-free. You may return the Costco beds online or directly to the warehouse.

Costco Sustainability Program

The company is highly committed to forming a sustainable company aiming to provide the members and customers with the most exceptional and durable products at economical prices. The brand is also conscious about their impact on the environment; hence, they try to work responsibly for a positive effect on their surroundings.

Additionally, the company also pays particular attention to and values customer feedback and reviews. The company is continuously striving to improve how they serve the people. They implement user opinions for enhancing their long-term outcomes.

Costco Donations

The company frequently participates and contributes to the benefit of society. They are mainly involved in programs that support children, health, education, and related services. You can learn about the details here.


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