Aveline vs Lucid Memory Foam

Aveline, Lucid Memory Foam and Nest Love And Sleep are included in the same product category. These models fit adjustable bed bases perfectly. These bed-in-a-box mattresses are easy to handle and unpack.
Price (Queen)
Full, King, Queen, Twin
Cali King, Full, King, Queen, Short Queen, Twin, Twin XL
Cali King, Full, King, Queen, Split Cali King, Split King, Twin, Twin XL
Weight (Queen)
47 lbs
83 lbs
71.8 lbs
Mattress Build
2 layers foam
4 layers foam
3 layers foam
Quilted Foam
1 Years
10 Years
Comfort Level offered
Medium firm
Firm, Soft
Firm, Medium
Country of origin
Value For Money
Based on 2 reviews
Based on 3 reviews
Based on 6 reviews
Sleeping Cool
Based on 1 reviews
Based on 1 reviews
Based on 4 reviews
Based on 1 reviews
Based on 1 reviews
Based on 5 reviews
What the experts are saying
Expert Image
Starlene Newcomb
The Sleep Judge
“for those who want a comfortable, breathable, durable, and supportive bed”
Expert Image
Starlene Newcomb
The Sleep Judge
“recommended for back, side or stomach sleepers”
Expert Image
Joe Auer
Mattress Clarity
“hard to find a mattress thats better at this price point. If you want to pay more,...”
Lucid Memory Foam reviews
Nest Love And Sleep reviews
Cost based value
Although all these three mattresses are offered within the same price range, each of these sleep surfaces has a different value for money. Depending on your usage and the availability of the features, each of the mattress performs uniquely. Nest Love And Sleep and Lucid Memory Foam provide regular features for an affordable price while Aveline is slightly luxurious.
Nest Love And Sleep
A comfortable mattress ensures a deep sleep. Nest Love And Sleep, Aveline and Lucid Memory Foam all are comfortable sleep surfaces. However, the choice depends on your sleeping position and comfort level preferences. For a plush feel, Nest Love And Sleep is an excellent choice while for a firmer feel, you may want to check out Aveline or Lucid Memory Foam.
Motion transfer/isolation
Nest Love And Sleep
For couples and pet owners, this is an important consideration. Aveline is bouncier than Nest Love And Sleep and Lucid Memory Foam. Thus, it may cause issues if you or your partner move a lot at night. On the other hand, Nest Love And Sleep and Lucid Memory Foam have excellent motion isolation properties because of the remarkable technology utilized in the layers.

The Bottom Line

Aveline is a basic economy class mattress, suitable for students on a very tight budget. Lucid offers more variety of comfort levels and mattress thickness in its memory foam collection. However, Nest Bedding Love and Sleep is quite affordable and provides a much higher cost-based value, quality, and durability. The US-made Love and Sleep comes with a lifetime warranty, and customer service is remarkable too. Being thicker than both Aveline and Lucid, Love and Sleep supports all body structures and is available in Medium and Firm comforts, suitable for majority sleepers. It is also a better choice for couples. Aveline is a bit bouncier and flexible, might work for those seeking inexpensive, temporary sleep solution. The China-made Lucid is available in either Soft or Firm and no firmness in between. All three mattresses are very affordable, but Nest Bedding Love and Sleep is clearly our choice here, for a reliable, budget-friendly, and an extremely comfortable high-value purchase.

Time to Decide Which One is Best for you