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Casper Sleep, the award-winning US-based company was launched in April 2014. Soon the convenience of its bed became a subject of discussion for almost every sleeper.

Although the fantastic brand marketing of a Casper mattress plays a significant role in the success of the company, the blend of its four unique layers and high-tech structure also stimulated the interest of consumers to use it.

And thus, in a shorter time, Casper had become a stand-alone industry champion that worths Today $750 million.

Since its start, the brand has added a lot to make your snooze healthy and body active. Briefly, you can consider this mattress as a ticket right to the land of a disruption-less comfy sleep.

However, choosing the right rest item online can be a critical task.

After all, Casper is not an ordinary mattress brand; its all-rounder features and deliberate foam combination make it a little extra than a regular memory foam bed!

Therefore, Intending to bring out its top-notch sleep products in more than 1000 US stores, Casper Sleep company has hooked up with our SleePare NYC Showroom to exhibit its items not only in New York City but nationwide.

SleePare Casper Mattress Store in NYC

Why Should You Try Casper Mattress Before Buying?

Casper believes in the utmost satisfaction of its consumers, and so, it realizes their need of testing before buying.

It’s alright, the leisure of online pre-purchasing mattresses with a perk of a free-trial and money-back guarantee is indeed a cost-effective joy in itself. But in-store trying before buying holds a lot more essential benefits.

Online buying although incurs a lot of credits, but it never gives you the confidence and relaxation which in-store buying gives. Having a comfortable bed for a deep and painless snooze demands your time and attention, you have to invest in order to yield!

Casper is genuinely an ultramodern mattress. Its unique layered combination helps it stay cool, comfortable, bouncy, and breathable.

Yet, many people feel uncertain about whether the medium-level firmness will compliment their desires or not.

Buying in-store can wipe out your uncertainty and intensify your satisfaction level. You can check out its various versions and opt out the best one according to with your sleep and physique.

But the question to think over is, how can I realize this in a few minutes that Casper mattress is the best for me?

It actually depends on the showroom you opt for pre-purchase testing.

Test A Casper Mattress in The NYC SleePare Store

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With headquarters in New York City, Casper Sleep has its warehouses in San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. The big white finely manufactured building has a large parking space outside and appears to comprise a small cozy world in itself.

The skilled staff will give you a warm welcome as you enter the outlet and will help out you in choosing the exact mattress you need, but you can not test it there.

Instead, you may enjoy a nap session in the Dreamery by Casper, which is the perfect spot for you to get recharged. Just choose the desired time slot and give yourself an entire 45-minute relief booster sleep experience in $25.

However, doesn’t complimentary testing sound more cool?

As we already know Casper Sleep company has hooked up with a lot of stores and showrooms to exhibit its items nationwide so, we can enjoy their trial free-of-cost in-store.

But the point is, not every showroom is worthy of giving a visit. Where some have a truly unprofessional attitude, some literally do not know what they are branding.

SleePare in New York City is a perfect spot to step in and try out a Casper mattress in a mattress store. Its clean and comfortable environment and competent associates fill up your heart with innate satisfaction.

Everybody, there is trained and qualified enough to help you in making the choicest decision. They answer your confusions and assist you in testing and comparing the items.

The associates work day and night to give you a refreshing morning always. They know that it is not possible to make the right mattress buying decision without undergoing sleep in it.

So, they allow you to take at most a thirty-minute nap on Casper Mattress and determine its sleep quality.

Why Should You Visit SleePare?

SleePare is considered best for a vast pool of plus-points, but a few things are mention-worthy.

You are not compelled to pay even a single penny for mattress testing. It’s completely free. Along with this, you can also avail a complimentary home delivery and a hundred nights to test the bed at the convenience of your own home!

Our local showroom in NYC offers an utterly kid-friendly environment. It is fully accessible for people with disabilities and so, is an ADA compliant business.

You can bring your leashed pets with you, but in case of any specific concern, must consult with the associates of the NYC showroom. There are a lot of parking lots available nearby.

Contact SleePare representatives to book an appointment.

Casper Products Overview

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Casper offers a complete range of bedding products so you can enjoy your sleep to the fullest. You can see these products in action at a Casper showroom near you while NYC residents can also try Casper mattresses at SleePare.

  • The Casper Essential Mattress

    The Essential Mattress offers no-frills comfort at an affordable price. It is made of three durable layers of premium foam and provides a good mix of breathability, pressure relief, and support.

    All three layers are secured in a durable cover made with an upholstery-grade hybrid knit. While you can easily remove it for cleaning purposes, it’s charcoal color does a good job of concealing any spills or spots.

  • The Casper Mattress

    The Casper Mattress is the brand’s original and most popular offering. It comes with all the features of the Essential Mattress but has a few new tricks up its sleeve.

    The most notable addition is the extra layer for providing Zoned Support. This layer allows the Casper Mattress to be firmer under the hips and softer under the shoulders for added comfort and improved spinal alignment.

    The Casper Mattress is available in both all-foam and hybrid variants.

  • The Casper Wave Mattress

    The Wave is Casper’s top of the line, luxury mattress that offers unparalleled comfort, support, and pressure relief.

    The most obvious addition is a new velvety top layer. It is soft, highly adaptive, and just feels great to touch.

    The outer cover has also received a nice upgrade with high-airflow perforations and infused wool for improved humidity control and even better temperature regulation.

    This mattress also features a more intricate version of Zoned Support than the one found in the standard Casper mattress. The new mechanism is called Hyper-targeted Support and leverages contoured foam and targeted gel pods.

    The Wave Mattress is available in both all-foam and hybrid variants.

  • Casper Pillows

    The Pillow — The Casper pillow is the perfect companion for your Casper mattress. It comes in two sizes and features a unique pillow-in-pillow design that allows it to be supportive and soft at the same time.

    The inner pillow is adaptive and can accommodate all sleep positions. So whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, you are guaranteed to have a great sleeping experience.

    The outer pillow is made of 100% cotton and features a breathable percale weave, so you don’t’ get hot while you sleep. The outer pillow is also removable, making it easy to wash and maintain your pillow.

    Nap Pillow — The Nap pillow features all the goodness of the standard Casper pillow but is designed for those who need comfort on the go.

    It is much smaller than the Casper pillow and comes with a drawstring carrying bag for better portability.

  • Casper Bed Frames

    Platform Bed — The Platform Bed is designed to provide the best support for your Casper mattress while making you look good.

    With quality materials like aircraft-grade aluminum and solid construction, the Platform bed is built to last. Pair this up with Casper’s headboard for a more complete look.

    Adjustable Bed Frames — Casper’s adjustable frames give you complete control over your head and feet position to provide enhanced comfort and pressure relief.

    Moreover, there are separate controls for each side of the bed so you and your partner can configure the base independently.

    The adjustable bed frame comes in standard and pro varieties. With the pro version, you also get the light massage and headrest tilt functions in addition to full-body adjustability.

    Foundation — The Foundation is an excellent way of adding to support to any Casper mattress. It ensures your mattress will never sag and there’s one for every size.

    The Foundation features a solid wood construction so it’ll definitely last a long time. It can also be easily assembled and disassembled without the need for any tools.

    While you can use it with any mattress and metal bed frame, we recommend pairing it up with Casper products for best results.

    Metal Bed Frame — Your ideal sleep setup isn’t complete without Casper’s metal bed frame. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Casper Foundation to provide excellent support and to keep your bed off the floor.

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  • Casper Bedding Accessories

    Sheets — Casper sheets are incredibly soft to the touch and perfect for mattresses up to 14″ in height. All sheet sets come with a pillowcase, a fitted sheet, and a top flat sheet. Casper gives you three options to choose from: Cool Supima, Weightless Cotton, and Airy Line. They are available in King and Queen sizes and come in different colors.

    Duvets — Casper Duvets are fluffy, cozy, and fit for all seasons. They feature a chamber construction that ensures even insulation by keeping the down-fill in place. They work well with Casper sheets and most standard bedding sizes. There is even a Humidity Fighting variant with a layer of merino wool that naturally wicks moisture away and keeps you cool through the night.

    Mattress Protector — The Mattress Protector by Casper is all the insurance you need to protect your new mattress from nasty spills, dirt, and normal wear and tear. It comes with a waterproof layer that keeps your mattress clean and dry while letting it breathe. You won’t even notice it’s there as it perfectly fits your Casper mattress, and doesn’t alter its feel or comfort in any way.

Casper Mattress Delivery

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The SleePare mattress warehouse in New York City has been rated excellent at delivery. The associates entitle you to compare prices, get free home delivery, and a hundred-day complimentary trial with full-refund guarantee even after in-store trying.

Moreover, you have the right to replace your old bed (and box) with a brand new mattress. Where your old bed will be recycled, and the new one will be delivered.

You can also quit home delivery service and self-pick it from the store. It’s all because your satisfaction is their goal. They ensure that a perfect snooze is just a visit away!

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