Why Do You Want To Buy A New Mattress?

by SleePare

By Sofia Axelrod | 1 Minute Read
Why do you want to buy a new mattress

Before you begin the mattress hunt, first ask yourself why do you need a new mattress. This will help you identify your priorities and keep the main features in focus while looking at a variety of options:

  • Are you sleeping too hot or too cold? Do you wake up sweating or shivering in the middle of the night?
  • Even after sleeping for a solid 8 hours, do you feel tired every morning?
  • Have you had your mattress for more than 5 years? Is your current bed too lumpy and uncomfortable?
  • Have you developed any sleep disorder or health issue, such as chronic back pain, that you need to alleviate through a new sleep product?
  • Do you need a mattress with a bit of bounce or responsiveness and no sink-in feel?
  • Are you looking for a mattress specially tailored for couples or people who sleep with pets?
  • Is the motion transfer property in your current bed bothering your sleep?