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How to Unpack a Helix Mattress

How to Unpack a Helix Mattress

How to Unpack a Helix Mattress

Are you one of those customers who recently bought a helix mattress and wants to try something new? Do you understand how to unfold a Helix mattress? Unpacking a mattress is challenging, especially if you haven't done it before.

Helix Sleep

However, don't worry—we're here to assist! You can unpack your helix mattress safely with the help of the simple, step-by-step instructions we'll provide in this post.

Get Your Tools Ready and Make Some Space

Before beginning the task, you should confirm that you have the appropriate instruments. Make sure to clear the space to unroll the mattress. You may ask a friend or relative to lift the mattress.

Search for the "Open Here First" label

A label should read, "Open Here First," on your Helix mattress box. This label indicates where to start opening and is often on top of the box.

Search for the "Open Here First" label

Remove the Plastic

Carefully cut the transparent material along the dotted line shown by the "Open Here First" label using scissors or a box cutter. Because the mattress itself is brittle, you should exercise caution when cutting.

Lie the Mattress Flat.

It's time to remove the mattress now that you've cut the plastic. You should pick a room with plenty of space so the mattress can be easily unrolled.

Allow the Mattress to Air Out

Allow the Mattress to Air Out

Your Helix mattress can have some odor when you first unpack it. Allow the mattress to breathe for a few hours to allow the stench to disappear before covering it with any sheets or covers. It will have sufficient time to develop correctly and reach the proper size.

Allow the Mattress to Air Out

Have Fun with Your New Mattress!

Your mattress is entirely suitable for use now that the odor has disappeared and fully expanded. After adding your preferred sheets and linens, enjoy a peaceful night's sleep on the freshly purchased mattress.

You can now unwind and enjoy your brand-new mattress!

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