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Sleep 101: Mattress Size Reviews 2024

Sleep 101: Mattress Size Reviews 2024

Whether you’re buying a mattress for the first time, or it’s been a while since you purchased your last one, choosing the right mattress size is a big decision.

If you buy a wrong mattress size, it may not fit your bedroom or you might find yourself tossing and turning all night long. Hence, sleeping terribly!

While searching for the right mattress size, you might have questions like:

What’s the difference between a Twin XL and a regular Twin mattress?

⇒ Why would you choose a Queen over Full?

⇒ Why would a King be a better fit than a Cali King?

⇒ What’s more suitable for me and my partner?

⇒ What mattress size is good for a kid?

To help you make the best decision, we’ve put together this mattress size guide.

We’ll review standard mattress dimensions and who they’re suitable for, so you can determine what’s perfect for you and your bedroom.

Scroll down for more details on mattress sizes and dimensions, and find out which mattress size will best suit your needs.

How to know what mattress size you need

Size matters when it comes to buying a mattress.

What fits one bed shape will not fit another. Some beds are too small for two people, while others can comfortably fit a couple along with their child and pet.

Yeah, choosing the correct mattress size is kind of complicated.

However, you need to keep two basic questions in mind:

  • Does it fit nicely in your bedroom?
    A mattress too big for the room makes it feel congested. Make sure you have enough space to walk around the bed.


  • Does it accommodate you well?
    Ensure that you (and your partner) can sleep comfortably in it and have sufficient legroom

Also consider your future choices while finding the best mattress size. For example:

  • If you’re engaged but might marry soon.
  • If you’re thinking of relocating or moving to a bigger or smaller place.
  • If you’ve got a bad back and find it difficult to move big mattresses around.
  • If you’re buying a mattress for tweens or teens, think about their growth and need for a bigger mattress in a couple of years.

A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Decide the Right Mattress Size

Mattresses are commonly manufactured in the following standard sizes.

Note: The recommended room sizes mentioned below indicate the minimum space you need to have a comfortable experience.

Sheets and comforters can be easily found for standard mattress sizes.


1. Twin Mattress Size

Dimensions: 38″ x 75″

Recommended Minimum Room Size: 7-feet x 10-feet

Also called a single, this is the smallest adult size mattress, commonly bought for kids who outgrow their cribs.

This mattress size is also suitable for single adults who sleep in small rooms, like shared apartments or dorms. Siblings who share the room also often get twin mattresses.

When buying a twin mattress for your child, think about how tall your child is expected to grow by the time the mattress wears out.

At around 6 feet long, a Twin mattress will barely accommodate a taller person. There won’t be any wiggle space for a taller adult or teenager.

So, if you’re too tall for your bed and it’s disrupting your sleep, a Twin XL might be a better choice.


2. Twin XL Mattress Size

Dimensions: 38″ x 80″

Recommended Minimum Room Size: 7-feet x 10-feet

A Twin XL has the same width as of a Twin mattress; however, it provides you with an extra 5 inches in length to give you more room to stretch.

It’s a great choice for tall single adults. It may be perfect for you if you’re looking for a mattress that not only accommodates you well on it, but also occupies less space compared to Full or Queen.

With a Twin XL, you get adequate walking space around the bed.

Like the Twin mattress, a Twin XL is also a popular size for college dorm rooms and recommended for growing teens.

Due to the same width, both Twin and Twin XL are not recommended for couples who share a bed. Even if you prefer intimacy or take up less space, you won’t get any room for movement. Prolonged sleep on a cramped surface can result in aches and pains, and sleep problems.

Similarly, if you want to accommodate a child or a pet, you’ll need a wider mattress.


3. Full Mattress Size

Dimensions: 54″ x 75″

Recommended Minimum Room Size: 10-feet x 12-feet

Full-size mattresses, also known as ‘double mattresses’; are 16 inches wider than the Twin and Twin XL, but their length is equal to Twin mattress.

A full-size bed is best for a single adult sleeper. But with this length, it would be a tight fit for taller people (sleepers above 5 feet 5-inches). This size works well for growing children, especially tweens nearing a growth spurt.

Investing in a full-size bed for your child means the mattress can stay with them from tweens to their teen years.

Parents now are increasingly choosing these mattresses over Twins for teenage bedrooms.

Couples with space or budget constraints can share a full mattress in relative comfort.

However, it’s not recommended if you intend on sharing the bed with your children or pets as well.

A full mattress is designed for single sleepers who want a spacious mattress, or sleep with pets. It’s also a smart choice for guest rooms.


4. Queen Mattress Size

Dimensions: 60″ x 80″

Recommended Minimum Room Size: 10-feet x 10-feet

The Queen is the most common mattress size bought by adults. Almost 49% of American adults revealed they slept on Queen sized mattresses as of January 2017.

A queen bed is big enough to fit two people comfortably, with each person having an optimal amount of room to roll over and reposition themselves without having to touch one another.

Each partner gets 30″ of space to themselves, only 8″ less than a twin mattress.

It also gives you sufficient room for intimacy without compromising your sleep quality.

If you have a bigger build or expect to get married in a few years, you should consider a Queen mattress.

Queen-sized beds are a good choice for teenagers who like to spread out as they sleep.

Similarly, single parents, pet owners, or couples who share a bed with pets or kids occasionally will find this size to be a nice fit.

This bed size is also preferable for guest rooms because you might need to accommodate couples.

The Queen size is recommended for master bedrooms; otherwise, your bedroom might feel congested.

A Split Queen mattress is another great option for couples with different sleep preferences or who sleep lightly and are easily disturbed by each other’s movements.

This mattress comes in two 30” by 80” sections.


5. King Mattress Size

Dimensions: 76″ x 80”

Recommended Minimum Room Size: 10-feet x 12-feet

A King mattress is as big as two Twin XL mattresses joined together. It’s ideal for couples who prefer a lot of space to wiggle and stretch.

It can accommodate two large adults comfortably, and also gives them ample room for relaxing and changing sides.

Moreover, if your kids like to sleep with you, a King mattress offers ample space for the whole family.

While the King size is usually too big for a single person, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the extra space if you have pets.

On the flip side, King-sized mattresses can be difficult to move around, especially through staircases or in small rooms. Hence, a King bed is best suited for larger master bedrooms.

When sleeping on a single King mattress, one can still be disturbed and awakened by a partner who constantly tosses and turns.

The Split King allows you to have your personal mattress space while also isolating motion transfer from your partner.


6. California King Mattress Size

Dimensions: 72″ x 84″

Recommended Minimum Room Size: 12-feet x 12-feet

The Cali King mattress size is perfect for people who require a longer mattress. It’s the longest you can get among standard mattress sizes and can accommodate individuals taller than 6 feet easily.

Though it’s 4-inches less in width than the standard King size, the Cali king is still 6-inches wider than a Queen mattress.

Like the standard King mattress, Cali king mattresses are spacious enough to conveniently accommodate your kids and pets who might invade your bed occasionally.

The Split option is also available in Cali King mattresses. Each section measures 36” x 84”, combined to create the same dimensions as those of a regular Cali King.

Custom Mattress Sizes

In case you need unconventional mattress dimensions to fit a vintage bed or odd-sized room, you have a range of options to choose from. However, such sleep surfaces are not readily available and are always made-to-order.

If you wish to go with the giant mattresses discussed below, It’s essential to measure your bedroom, doorways, and staircases to ensure these mattresses will fit through them with ease.

Finding compatible sheets and bedding sets can be a challenge.


1. Wyoming King


The Wyoming King mattress is suitable for people seeking an expansive sleep surface. It’s perfect for couples who want a bed that limits the sound and movements of their sleeping partner. It’s wide and long enough to accommodate two adults, children, and multiple pets.

2. Alberta King

Dimensions: 96″ (8 feet) in both directions

If the Wyoming is not enough for you, then the Alberta King gives you extra width and length to fit you and your family for a comfortable co-sleeping experience. It’s also best for couples who often sleep with their pets and children.

3. Alaskan King

Dimensions: 108″ (9-feet) in both directions

The Alaskan King is absolutely humongous. Couples opt for this size to limit motion transfer and sounds while sleeping with their significant other.

This mattress size is ideal for sleepovers and family reunions. Up to three or four adults can fit in this mattress comfortably.

It’s about time you started paying attention to mattress sizes. Remember, a good night’s sleep depends primarily on the mattress you choose.

So, if you wish to give your sleep a healthy makeover, Get more room to stretch!

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