Save Big And Sleep Better With These 10 Best Mattresses Under $1000

by SleePare

By Sofia Axelrod | 5 Minute Read

Mattress shopping is a terrifying and daunting task. Yes, we do understand how it goes.

At one point, you become this close to giving up and start googling how you can sleep properly on your old lumpy bed. Spoiler Alert: you can’t.

The task of finding the best value mattress with tons of benefits becomes ten times difficult if you are on a tight budget. And with the advent of a bunch of bed-in-a-box or online mattress companies on the market, the process has become just too overwhelming!

Where to start? Which of these fifty brands are the cheapest? Oh, here we go, this is a budget mattress. But, is it worth it? Should I just give up? And, oh dear, can’t even apply haggle techniques for this mattress!

We get it. The stress is too much to handle.

Most of these online mattress brands offer incredible quality beds at very reasonable costs. Numerous customers have actually tried these sleep surfaces for years and have given glowing reviews about the overall performance and benefits. If you know the proper tricks to buy a mattress online, you can also find your dream mattress in no time and improve your slumber experience.

So we took it upon ourselves to create a mattress buying guide for you. Now you don’t have to spend an arm and leg to sleep better!

In this post, we are listing the best rated mattresses under $1000, that are trending among consumers these days. For your ease, we will further highlight the main features of these sleep surfaces and what makes them stand out from their competition. Moreover, you can also see which of these beds meet your suitability criteria.

Let’s check em out!

Nectar Mattress

Brand NameNectar Sleep
Founding year2016
PricesTwin – $425
Twin XL – $475
Full – $595
Queen – $725
King – $825
Cali King – $825
CategoryGel Memory Foam
Type of businessOnline
Shipping CountriesUSA
Trial/Warranty365 nights/25 years

Nectar Sleep is a relatively new entry in the mattress industry. With their thoughtfully designed products, they have become one of the favorite American bed companies within a short time. That’s why people consider Nectar among the most comfortable, best value mattress offered for less!

The 11 inches thick Nectar is a gel memory foam mattress, engineered using high-quality materials. Nectar provides protection against allergic agents; thus, proving to be a healthy choice. The Tencel cooling cover, along with the gel surface, ensures you slumber on a super cool bed all night.

All things considered, Nectar is among the best King mattresses under $1000! Take a look at the customer reviews for Nectar mattress at SleePare.

You would like Nectar mattress if:

  • You need a surface offering protection from dust mites and allergens
  • You require a mattress with remarkable pressure relief
  • You want to try the mattress for one full year
  • You like a memory foam surface ensuring cooling comfort

Bear Mattress

Brand NameBear Mattress
Founding year2014
PricesTwin – $540
Twin XL – $640
Full – $740
Queen – $840
King – $940
Cali King – $940
CategoryGraphite-Gel Memory Foam
Type of businessOnline
Shipping CountriesUSA, Canada
Trial/Warranty100 nights/10 years

Bear is one of the best mattresses under $1000 on the market, specially designed for people with an active lifestyle. Scott Paladini established this company with an aim to help people recharge quickly after a long tiring day through a good night’s rest.

With the premium quality memory foam and a graphite gel infusion, the Bear mattress promotes pressure-relieving support to ease the pain from sore areas. If you like a cooling sleep surface, Bear is perfect for you!

This brand offers the best economical mattress with numerous benefits. In fact, the affordable rate and quality performance, coupled with a lot of space for freedom of movement makes Bear the best California King bed under $1000! Read the Bear mattress reviews here.

You would like Bear mattress if:

  • You prefer the feel of memory foam mattress
  • You are into sports or fitness and lead an active lifestyle
  • You often suffer from back pain or sore muscles
  • You need a cooling mattress offering exceptional temperature regulation

Ghostbed Mattress

Brand NameGhostbed
Founding year2015
PricesTwin – $495
Twin XL – $650
Full – $845
Queen – $895
King – $1075
Cali King – $1095
Type of businessOnline
Shipping CountriesUSA
Trial/Warranty101 nights/20 years

Ghostbed is a veteran bed-in-a-box mattress company with its headquarters in Plantation, Florida. The brand sleep products are the epitome of American craftsmanship. Their sole purpose is to create high-quality and lasting mattress at less price than the market.

The Ghostbed Classic combines the best properties of both latex and gel memory foam. Thus, you experience superb contouring, unique responsiveness, and incredible breathability, together in one mattress!

The quality materials ensure Ghostbed will last for decades and won’t wear down within a few years. This bed is also great for couples seeking a motion isolating sleep surface.

You can purchase a cool new Twin mattress set for under $1000 from this brand. Considering the features and numerous positive reviews by customers for Ghostbed Classic, I’d say it is one of the best budget mattresses in town.

You would like Ghostbed mattress if:

  • You prefer a foam mattress with bounce, contouring, and heat transfer characteristics
  • You are looking for a long-lasting and durable surface at an affordable price
  • You want to buy a bed with remarkable edge support
  • You sleep on your stomach or back

Layla Mattress

Brand NameLayla Sleep
Founding year2015
PricesTwin – $500
Twin XL – $600
Full – $800
Queen – $900
King – $1000
Cali King – $1000
CategoryCopper Infused Memory Foam
Type of businessOnline
Shipping CountriesUSA, Canada
Trial/Warranty120 nights/25 years

Layla is an emerging name in the mattress market. The brand’s innovative mattress design serves as a beneficial sleep technology which has attracted the attention of a vast clientele.

Customers love Layla sleep surface because of its unique adaptability. It can easily adjust to all sleeping positions and body types, making it a suitable product for people with varying preferences. The copper infusion not only chills the surface but also has numerous health benefits.

This award-winning bed further ensures you enjoy a rejuvenating sleep, thanks to the proper support and contouring of your pressure points. Thus, you wake up pain-free every morning!

In short, Layla Sleep is one the leading bed-in-a-box companies in the US market these days, selling best value mattresses for under $1000. Check out a detailed review of Layla mattress here.

You would like Layla mattress if:

  • You are looking for a foam mattress with dual firmness options
  • You need a cooling memory foam mattress
  • You want to invest in a hypoallergenic foam with health benefits
  • You have back pain issues and need a bed with enhanced spinal alignment

Muse Mattress

Brand NameMuse Sleep
Founding year2010
PricesTwin – $650
Twin XL – $650
Full – $850
Queen – $950
King – $1000
Cali King – $1000
Type of businessOnline
Shipping CountriesUSA
Trial/Warranty120 nights/10 years

Although you’ll come across many brands offering unique heat transfer techniques, Muse Sleep is the top brand that never disappoints the sleepers. In fact, Muse is the coolest memory foam mattress you’ll ever sleep on!

It features a proprietary Cold Wire technology and a patented Diamond Breeze fabric in the cover, promoting exceptional temperature regulation. You remain afresh and moisture-free all night long.

In addition, you can select from three different comfort levels to suit your sleep style. Whether you choose soft, medium or firm, the mattress will ensure your pressure points get maximum support and pain relief.

Do check out this best cooling full size mattress under $1000. For Muse customer reviews, read more here.

You would like Muse mattress if:

  • You prefer a super cool cushioning memory foam sleep surface
  • You want an affordable bed offering innovative temperature regulating system
  • You need a memory foam mattress with a choice of firmness levels
  • You snooze in all positions or are a combination sleeper

Leesa Mattress

Brand NameLeesa Sleep
Founding year2014
PricesTwin – $525
Twin XL – $695
Full – $855
Queen – $995
King – $1195
Cali King – $1195
CategoryAvena Foam
Type of businessOnline
Shipping CountriesUSA, Canada, UK, Denmark
Trial/Warranty100 nights/10 years

Leesa Sleep is among the leading brand names in the American mattress industry. This Virginia-based mattress company has quickly attained immense popularity among masses.

Leesa features a unique Avena foam promoting responsiveness along with incredible cushioning. According to BI, slumbering on Leesa helps side sleepers get rid of achy pressure points.

It might also be interesting for you to know that Leesa is well-known for their philanthropic programs. Their One-ten charity donates every tenth mattress to the needy. To date they have helped over 30,000 less fortunate people sleep peacefully at night.

All in all, for merely $995, Leesa is the best queen mattress under $1000 offered by a bed-in-a-box company. Frankly, it’s a pretty sweet deal and will help you sleep better in more than one ways! You may check out Leesa mattress customer reviews on SleePare.

You would like Leesa mattress if:

  • You prefer a slightly resilient foam with superb cooling properties
  • You like a mattress that suits all sleeping positions
  • You need a bed offering contouring and pain relief
  • You prefer purchasing from a company with an incredible social impact program

Casper Mattress

Brand NameCasper Sleep
Founding year2013
PricesTwin – $595
Twin XL – $645
Full – $895
Queen – $995
King – $1195
Cali King – $1195
Type of businessOnline
Shipping CountriesUSA, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and UK
Trial/Warranty100 nights/10 years

Casper is a well-known sleep essentials company, set to become the “Nike of Sleep”. The Casper Original is the company’s flagship mattress, designed for ultimate comfort and remarkable lumbar support.

The high-density layers help you wake up pain-free and rejuvenated every morning. Once you buy a Casper mattress, you can use it for a long time without experiencing any sinkage or sagging issues. The brand ensures you can enjoy a deep, therapeutic slumber on a quality mattress for less price.

It is super cool to sleep on, thanks to the open-cell construction allowing incredible breathability.

All in all, Casper is one of the best durable mattresses trending on the market this year. So grab their Queen size bed for just $995! Check our complete review of Casper Original and see what the professionals are saying about it.

You would like Casper mattress if:

  • You want a high-performance bed at an affordable price
  • You like sleeping on a breathable and airy foam mattress
  • You are looking for a durable sleep surface that can prevent sagging
  • You prefer a foam bed from a reputable brand

Morphiis Mattress

Brand NameMorphiis Sleep
Founding year2017
PricesTwin – $595
Twin XL – $650
Full – $850
Queen – $995
King – $1195
Cali King – $1195
Type of businessOnline
Shipping CountriesUSA, Canada
Trial/Warranty100 nights/25 years

Morphiis is an emerging brand name in the mattress industry. If you haven’t heard of them, you aren’t alone!

The prices of Casper and Morphiis are pretty much similar. So what exactly sets them apart?

Morphiis specializes in producing sleep products with the ability to morph to the sleeper’s desire. In other words, you can customize the mattress entirely to suit you and your partner’s preferences. It also gives you great remarkable pressure relief and lumbar support. Additionally, Morphiis offers 64 different firmness configurations!

If you and your partner are looking for such a bed, the Morphiis foam sleep surface is ideal for you. Compared to the rest of the models, Morphiis is the best mattress under $1000 allowing incredible customization options to the sleeper.

Check out the customer reviews for Morphiis on our site.

You would like Morphiis mattress if:

  • You are looking for a couple-friendly mattress offering personalization option
  • You want the best economical mattress with luxurious and innovative design
  • You are seeking a mattress with pressure relieving and supportive foam
  • You prefer snoozing on a slightly bouncy mattress

Saatva Mattress

Brand NameSaatva
Founding year2010
PricesTwin – $600
Twin XL – $700
Full – $900
Queen – $1000
King – $1400
Cali King – $1400
Type of businessOnline
Shipping CountriesUSA
Trial/Warranty120 nights/15 years

Saatva is one of the most popular sleep products companies known for their outstandingly performing innerspring mattresses. Saatva queen mattress may cost $1000, a little more than the traditional innerspring beds, but the exceptional value justifies the price tag.

Firstly, Saatva is available in two varying heights, 11.5 inch Custom Slim and 14.5 inch Premium Luxury. Both may vary in terms of comfort, but you’ll see no difference in their cost.

Secondly, it comprises two layers of springs that ensure incredible motion isolation and durability. Besides, the Lumbar Support pad in Saatva is excellent for back pain relief. As a result, Saatva is now Healthbridge Sleep Medicine Center’s official bed!

But the best thing about Saatva is its remarkable edge support. The firm perimeter prevents any sliding off issues and enhances the longevity. Couples would surely love this benefit!

All in all, Saatva is the best durable mattress under $1000 in the innerspring category. You may read an in-depth Saatva mattress review here.

You would like Saatva mattress if:

  • You want a durable innerspring mattress to last for years
  • You need a sleep surface to alleviate your back pain
  • You seek a mattress for couples with proper edge support & motion isolation
  • You like a bed with Euro-PillowTop or organic cover

Purple Mattress

Brand NamePurple
Founding year2016
PricesTwin XL – $700
Full – $900
Queen – $1000
King – $1300
Cali King – $1300
CategoryHyper-elastic Polyfoam
Type of businessOnline
Shipping CountriesUSA, Canada
Trial/Warranty100 nights/10 years

Purple is among those sleep essentials companies that used social media marketing and quirky advertisements to its maximum potential and gained a vast number of fans within no time.

The founders of Purple have years of experience in the field of cushion manufacturing and design. Breaking the traditional memory foam boundary, they created a patented hyper-elastic polymer material offering remarkable benefits to the sleeper.

This innovative foam material has superb motion isolation, heat transfer mechanism, targeted pressure relief for sore areas, and incredible lumbar support. These features make Purple the best firm mattress under $1000 for back sleepers.

In short, Purple is a complete all-in-one bed in a box mattress for less price than expected! Do check out Purple mattress reviews on our site.

You would like Purple mattress if:

  • You sleep strictly on your back or sides
  • You want a creative new approach, different from traditional foam mattresses
  • You sleep with a partner and want adequate motion isolation
  • Sleeping on a cool and breathable bed is important to you

Hopefully, this list must have helped you in shortlisting the best budget mattresses that provide innovative sleep technology at affordable rates.

It is very important to try a mattress in a showroom before you buy it. And it makes sense, since a mattress is basically an investment for your sleep.

So visit the SleePare showroom to try out the beds you have selected. Our showroom offers the perfect ambiance and no-sales-pressure environment to nap on a variety of sleep products. Consequently, you’ll make more informed decisions about your sleep and overall health.

And at the end of the day, you can rest assured you invested in a great mattress!