Blog > Nectar Return Policy 2024 – How to Return A Nectar Mattress?

Nectar Return Policy 2024 – How to Return A Nectar Mattress?

Nectar Return Policy 2024 – How to Return A Nectar Mattress?

Buying a mattress online has become the norm in the past few years. What if you’ve purchased a mattress online, patiently waited for it to arrive, and it turns out to either not be what you expected, isn’t comfortable, or you just changed your mind? Depending on what mattress you purchased, you most likely aren’t stuck with a mattress you hate. 

While shopping for mattresses online has become the new norm, it doesn’t always work for everyone. When shopping online, it’s possible to choose a mattress that doesn’t quite work for you, since you can't try it out beforehand. If you've ever bought a mattress that didn't meet your needs, you'll know that it can be tough to return the mattress, continue shopping, and sleep on the wrong mattress until the new, and hopefully better one arrives. 

This is why we recommend testing a mattress in person before buying. While this isn’t always an option, our SleePare showrooms allow you to at least try the best online mattresses in person before buying. That way, you will know which ones you like before going through the hassle of buying and returning. 

When shopping for a mattress, there are so many options that some customers can easily get overwhelmed. Nectar mattresses offer quality at a lower price—something that customers love. The Nectar mattress contains four layers of Gel Memory Foam and Adaptive Hi-Core Memory foam. The 11-inch mattress is topped with cooling foam that dissipates body heat and keeps the bed cool. 

If you’ve decided on a Nectar mattress and either want to return it or are curious about Nectar’s return policy, this guide will help through the process, answer any questions, and outline steps to return your Nectar mattress. 

When you’ve decided to return your Nectar mattress, the next step is to start searching for your next mattress. Here are a few Nectar alternatives to consider.


The original WinkBeds mattress is a premium yet economical hybrid mattress that is one of SleePare's highest-rated. This mattress provides the sumptuous luxury of a hotel mattress, making it a huge hit with customers.

Price Range: $1,149 and up

Best for: couples who need motion isolation, those who want edge support, and combination sleepers.

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Brooklyn Bedding

Another affordable brand that offers several types of mattresses, Brooklyn Bedding claims to manufacture the #BestMattressEver. The Brooklyn Bedding experts strive to manufacture premium quality sleep essentials at a fair price.

Price Range: $500-$1,400

Best for: those who want quality at an affordable price, you want excellent motion transfer, and hot sleepers.

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DreamCloud is a 7-layer hybrid mattress with a high-end feel. DreamCloud combines comfort, support, and cooling with a luxurious Cashmere cover. While higher priced than many online mattress brands, DreamCloud’s materials and quality allow you to purchase a high-end mattress at a fair price.

Price Range: $1,400 to $1,500

Best for: those who want a lower-priced luxury item, combination sleepers, and couples.

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Three foam layers are combined in the all-new Leesa mattress to provide a comfortable and supportive sleep. Lessa is both one of the top-rated mattresses at SleePare as well as one of Business Insider’s best mattresses for cooling and support.

Price Range: $695-$1195

Best for: those who want a medium-firm mattress, sleepers who want an all-foam mattress, and those who want motion transfer. 

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The Saatva mattress has three layers of springs and a soft cushion top for a pressure-relieving and cool night's sleep. Saatva created a mattress that is both environmentally friendly and luxurious while remaining affordable. The mattress also features excellent lumbar support, a coil base, and an eco-friendly construction.

Price Range: $600-$1499

Best for: pressure relief, eco-friendly shoppers, and hot sleepers

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Their 365 Night Trial Period: How It Works

Nectar has a leg up on their competitors when it comes to their trial period. Unlike similar online mattress companies that offer 30, 60, or 90 night trials, Nectar offers their customers a whopping 365 night trial. This generous trial period gives customers more than enough time to decide if their Nectar mattress works for them. 

Nectar’s trial period focuses on customers experiencing and using their mattresses in various conditions. Life is unpredictable and with that comes changes in sleep habits and patterns. Nectar designed their year-long trial period with the thought that “you never really know how you feel about your mattress until it’s been with you through... season changes, changing wake/sleep times, your partner tossing and turning, the kids (or pets) jumping in the bed with you”, and a host of other of life’s moments. 

You can return your Nectar mattress any time during the first 365 days of owning it. Before returning your Nectar mattress, it’s best to let your body adjust to a new mattress during the first 30 nights of sleeping on it, or the break-in period. 

The Break-In Period

Studies and sleep experts recommend sleeping on a new mattress for 30 days to give your body time to adjust to the new sleep surface. Nectar requires customers to wait 30 days after receiving their mattress before beginning the return process. If you’re taking longer than expected to adapt to your new mattress and aren’t getting enough sleep, this 30 day waiting period can be frustrating–this is done for a good reason, to make sure you and your new mattress have time to acclimate. 

Why? Nectar mattresses are built exclusively of foam. Memory foam has one downside: it takes a while to reach its full potential and feel. Foam needs to decompose a little to become less rigid and more flexible. This process takes about 30 days (hence the 30 day policy). 

It also takes some time for your body to adjust to a new mattress. Even if the Nectar is the ideal mattress for you, your body isn't used to sleeping on the new surface. The break-in period for a new mattress might be painful. Sticking it out will ensure that you've made the right choice.

After the First 30 Days

If you’ve stuck out the first 30 days and your Nectar mattress isn’t working for you, you are eligible for a full refund as long as you contact Nectar within 365 days of receiving your mattress. After you return your mattress, Nectar will donate it to a local charity. So don’t feel bad about returning–it won’t be going to waste. 

The Return Process

Once you’ve decided to start Nectar’s return process, you might have a few questions. Don’t worry; it’s easy! Here’s a breakdown of Nectar’s return policy and how to get started.

Contact Nectar

Nectar will happily accept returns between 31 and 365 days after you’ve received your mattress. Nectar can refuse returns if they are initiated before or after these dates. To contact Nectar, email them at or call 1-888-425-4854.

Fill Out Nectar’s Return Request Form

Once you’ve started the return process, you will be directed to fill out Nectar’s Resident Home Return Request form from their website. The form requires some basic information like order number, reason for return, and photos of the product and law tags. 

Mattress Pick-Up 

Nectar will arrange a time for a local charity to pick up the mattress, or a local recycling center if a local charity isn't available. You will need to be present for the pickup and place the mattress outside. 


After your mattress has been picked up, Nectar will issue a refund. Refunds will be credited to your original payment within 3 business days. Refunds work differently if you purchased your mattress with Affirm. If you purchased with Affirm, contact Nectar’s customer service to process your refund. 

The Exchange Process

If you are sleeping on a Nectar and it isn’t quite right for you, but you want to give the brand another shot, you might consider an exchange. However, Nectar doesn’t offer a complete exchange. To get another Nectar mattress, you will need to do a return and then purchase again. 

The only exception to this rule are warranty claims during the first 10 years and manufacturer's flaws throughout the 365-day trial period. Learn more about Nectar’s warranty here.

The Fine Print

While Nectar’s return policy and trial offer straightforward steps and policies, there might be a few aspects to the process you might not consider. Here are a few additional things to consider when returning a Nectar mattress: 

  • Shipping fees and White Glove Delivery costs are not refundable. 
  • Free items included with purchase like pillows or sheets cannot be returned. If you received promotional items with your Nectar mattress, the value of those products will be deducted from the refund price of your mattress. 
  • Returns are only accepted for orders placed within the contiguous United States. 
  • To qualify for a return, your mattress must be in good condition. Any damage other than regular wear and tear, such as mold, spills, or bedbugs, may prevent the mattress from being returned.
  • Within 90 days of receiving your mattress, you must open it. If you don't, the mattress will be considered used and damaged, and you won't be able to return it. 
  • The trial period might be voided if used with an incompatible bed frame or foundation. 

How to Find Another Affordable Mattress in 2021

When shopping for a mattress, there are seemingly endless options. If you purchased a Nectar and decided it wasn’t for you, you might want something similar. Luckily, you can easily find a quality mattress at a fair price and easily purchase it online. Shoppers looking to save can search the web for affordable mattresses, try SleePare’s comparison tool, or read mattress reviews from customers. 

When you decide to buy a mattress online instead of a traditional store, the thought that you might not like your mattress and have to return it can be intimidating. Nectar and other mattress companies understand that their mattresses might not be for everyone. Luckily, Nectar has made both their buying and return processes easy. Nectar gives customers plenty of time to decide whether they want to keep their mattress with the 365 day trial and the mandatory 30 days customers have to keep Nectar mattresses. 

Along with Nectar, there are many other online mattresses to choose from. If you’re looking for one, SleePare can help! Visit one of our stores, try our mattress comparison tool, and read our blog to learn more about the online mattress options available today.

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