What Mattress Category/Type Is Good For You?

by SleePare

By Sofia Axelrod | 2 Minute Read
What mattress category/type is good for you
  • Foam:

    Do you require a pressure relieving mattress that does not let you sink-in and feels super comfy? Then a simple foam mattress is best for you.

    Some of the common types of foam mattresses are gel, latex, memory, and reflex. And now, the industry is introducing even more innovative foam technologies such as Avena, copper-infused, graphite-infused, hyperelastic polymer, Energex, or convoluted/egg-crate (based on shape). Each type has unique properties and suits different sleepers.
    Good for: People with pain issues or those on budget.
    Bad for: People who want a bouncy bed or a durable surface that lasts for decades.

  • Memory Foam:

    Do you prefer a sleep surface with incredible conformability to contour your sore joints and pressure areas? If you don’t mind a little bit of sinkage in your bed, or sleeping warm at night, memory foam might be perfect for you. It’s great for alleviating back pain or joints ache.
    Good for: People with sore pressure points or limited budget.
    Bad for: People who sleep hot.

  • Latex:

    If you are looking for a breathable sleep surface with subtle bounce, latex is a good option. It may be natural or synthetic and may be processed through Talalay or Dunlop procedures. Depending on the production technique, the latex mattress will present unique characteristics such as comfort, durability, firmness level, and responsiveness.
    Good for: Couples or individuals looking for a healthy and cool bouncy mattress.
    Bad for: Those who are allergic to latex, are on a budget, or need a surface with some sinkage.

  • Hybrid:

    Do you prefer a mattress that is just the right balance between conforming and bounciness? In other words, a bed that neither feels like you’re stuck or sleeping only on the surface with no contouring? A hybrid is designed specially to cater to these needs.

    Hybrid contains one or more layer of spring coils, and other surfaces including foam, memory foam, or latex.
    Good for: Couples or individuals who need a pressure relieving bed with responsiveness.
    Bad for: People who are on a budget or don’t prefer thick mattresses.

  • Spring:

    Are you someone who likes the old traditional ‘bouncy’ mattress feel with coils and all? Then you might want to stick to a good quality spring bed. They may be made of Bonnell, pocketed, or continuous coils.
    Good for: Consumers seeking an inexpensive surface with proper bounce.
    Bad for: People with back pain problems, couples, or those who frequently move during the night.