A Walk Down the Miami Shores

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By Dustin Morgan | 2 Minute Read

Sunshine State's Holiday Crush

Miami Shores Village has a small-town environment and a pleasant way of life. It's located in Miami-Dade County just north of the City of Miami on beautiful Biscayne Bay. The village is a tourist's paradise with its peaceful and friendly neighborhood and pristine beaches. 

Besides the ocean, you have museums, casinos, lakes, and parks to visit and enjoy your trip. SleePare, the best mattress store in Miami Shores, is in the neighborhood as well. 

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Artists and Designers Dream Destination

Miami village has a hundred-year-old history. It got separated from the City of Miami in 1932. Fast forward to today, it is now home to around 11,000 people and is the best celebrity spotting place that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Since A-list celebrities frequently visit this place to take time off from their busy schedules, the real estate value of the village sits high. It's the most expensive place in the entire America. Artists, designers, and media personalities call Miami Shores their home. You'll be surprised to know that the Miami Shores has more artists than 90% of the US communities. 

With so many creatives in the neighborhood, it's no surprise that this small village has famous museums, artistic gardens, and arts and entertainment centers. Each place has its charm and holds live events to entertain and educate. 

For fun and activity-packed time with family, visit Aquatic Center. It's a perfect place to enjoy water activities without going into the ocean. But perhaps the best place for an action-packed family adventure in Miami is the Jungle Island. It's one of the best tourist attraction spots near Miami Shores.

Miami Shores: Live Active and Fit

tree and sky

The people of Miami Shores live a happy and active life. At the heart of all activity is Amelia Earhart Park, 500 acres of land where you can jog or bike around the park's famous lakes and burn calories through fun activities. It has a farm village and play island for kids, and bike riding, and a host of water sports activities for the entire family.

Besides mouthwatering international cuisine options, there are many healthy eating places for the food-conscious diners. Enjoy healthy juices at Smoothie Express or visit Bobby's Meal for a veggie treat!

To keep fit on vacay, visit the many professional-level gyms, such as Renegade Fitness and Ananation Fitness, with the best personal trainers and nutritionists to guide you. Sleep is crucial for our fitness and health, and good sleep requires a comfortable bed. 

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