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A Slice of the Mediterranean in Florida


Coral Gables is one of the oldest cities of South Florida built on the principles of the City Beautiful Movement. It's a unique place with Spanish architecture, international flair, and unmatched experiences. Many Hollywood TV shows have featured Coral Gables, but the famous TV show 'Miami Vice' carved it as a film location on the country's map.

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Sparkling Stardust and Lively Cultural Venues


Coral Gables is a city in Miami-Dade County, only a few miles away from Downtown Miami. It is Miami's most charming neighborhood, founded by George Merrick in the 1920s. 

The star-studded city is home to King of Latin Pop Enrique Iglesias, Oscar-winner Sir Sidney Poitier, and professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Although the former New York Yankee's showstopper retreat is off-limits for most tourists, you can always enjoy the liveliness at the Miracle Mile in downtown Coral Gables. 

It is South Florida's most famous shopping destination featuring hundreds of restaurants, live theatres, art galleries, and boutiques. Taste celebrity food at Gordon Ramsay Burger Joint and enjoy a play at Actors Playhouse with your kids.

If you're a book buff, you might catch your favorite author at a live event on Books & Books' store. They also organize many other book reading and culinary events that might interest you.

In Coral Gables, you don't need to visit the beach to enjoy a great swim. The city is home to the 1920s Venetian Pool with its massive 820,000-gallon water fed from an underground spring-water aquifer. The Biltmore Hotel is another historical landmark with a virtual 360 tour facility and the largest hotel swimming pools in the U.S. 


Bike Walk Coral Gables and Active Lifestyle


Coral Gables is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. The city claims that every business is within walking distance. The city has protected bike lanes, which have decreased bicycle accidents by 75%.

Residents believe that the best way to see and understand Coral Gables is on bikes. The Bike Walk Coral Gables arranges regular bike tours through the famous tree-lined boulevards, plazas, and fountains for the tourists and the locals so they can experience the city in all its shades. 

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Dustin Morgan

Dustin Morgan

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