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Mattress Disposal in NYC or Anywhere: How to Get Rid of a Mattress

by SleePare

By Dustin Morgan | 5 minutes Minute Read

Is your mattress saggy or lumpy? Have you had it for over 10 years? If so, you likely need a new mattress.

It can be difficult to tell when you need a new mattress, especially if you are still sleeping well at night. Some signs that you likely need a new mattress include:

  • The mattress is over 10 years old.
  • You notice you sleep better at hotels.
  • You wake up tired or achy.
  • Your box spring or mattress squeaks.
  • You feel like you’re sinking when in bed.
  • Your dust allergies are bothersome in the morning.
  • You’ve had a significant weight change.

With so many new styles of mattresses available both online and in store, it’s an excellent time to try out one of these many styles of mattresses.

While buying a new mattress is great, it can be a hassle having to get rid of your old, saggy mattress — especially in big cities like New York. Luckily, there are tons of different ways to get mattress disposal in NYC and other places around the US. 

1. Bulky Waste Pickup 

sanitation workers

Many cities, counties, and towns offer bulky waste pick up to their citizens. When you are looking for a mattress disposal option in your area, bulky waste pickup can be one of the better options. With this option, the most difficult you have is making a phone call and hauling your mattress out to the curb.

Resources NYC: NYC Bulky Waste Pickup

Resources Nationwide: Search google for your local bulky waste

2. Recycle the Mattress

recycling a mattress

For the mattress owner trying to lower their ecological footprint, mattress recycling may be a good idea. While you can theoretically, break your mattress down yourself and recycle the parts, that can be a time-consuming task. With a mattress recycling company, they will pick up your mattress for you and recycle it using their own resources. There may be a fee for this service.

Resources NYC: Renewable Recycling Inc is one well-known recycling solution for New Yorkers

Resources Nationwide: Nationwide Mattress Recycling works with communities around North America.

3. Mattress Removal Service

men carrying a mattress

There are many companies that exist with a specific purpose — to help people get rid of their old mattresses. These companies will come to pick up your old mattress and will either repurpose, recycle or otherwise dispose of your mattress for you. This is probably the easiest option on the list, although it does typically cost money. 

Mattress removal can cost anywhere between $75 and $150, although it could cost more depending on your location.

Resources NYC: 

  • Mattress Disposal Plus is a mattress disposal company serving NYC and most of the US except for Wyoming.
  • Junk King also serves NYC and much of the US.
  • College Hunks performs mattress removal in 134 locations in the United States including NYC.

Resources Nationwide: 

  • Mattress Disposal Plus serves all states except for Wyoming.
  • A Bedder World serves a number of states including Wyoming.
  • LoadUp provides mattress disposal nationwide in most states.

4. Dumpster Rental


If you recently had a big renovation or move that culminated in you buying a new mattress and now you need to dispose of the old mattress as well as other items, try a dumpster rental. These companies will bring you a dumpster to fill with whatever you want and haul it away. Typically, it can cost anywhere between $200 and $1000, depending on the size you rent.

Be careful not to overload the dumpster or that can cause problems with removal.

Resources NYC: 

  • Budget Dumpster is an affordable dumpster rental service serving all 5 counties of NYC.
  • Economy Container serves Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the rest of NYC.
  • Royal Waste provides dumpster rental for NYC metropolitan area.

Resources Nationwide: 

5. Junk Removal Service

men moving furniture

If you found dumpster rental an attractive idea but don’t feel like doing it yourself, you can always try a Junk removal service. These services will have people come to your home for a fee, typically between $150 and $350, and professionally remove your mattresses and anything else you might need them to take.

Resources NYC: 

  • Junk Removal Management serves all five boroughs and Long Island.
  • Jiffy Junk provides junk removal service to NYC and other major metropolitan areas.
  • Remove My Junk serves all five boroughs of NYC as well as Westchester, Essex, and Suffolk Counties.

Resources Nationwide:

  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK is one of the largest nationwide junk removal services.
  • Junk King provides junk removal in most of the continental US.
  • Load Up offers junk removal services in 170 cities across 49 states.

6. Donate Them to Charity

person donating to charity

Many charities, including some animal shelters, will accept your used mattress provided it isn’t excessively dirty or in very poor condition. These places typically either use them in their own shelter, for their own purposes or to resell them to raise funds for their programs.

Most nationwide charities will not accept mattresses due to the many differences in local laws surrounding them, so it is best to check with local charities in your area.

Resources NYC: In NYC the Salvation Army accepts used mattresses as donations.

Resources Nationwide: The Salvation Army is available to accept your used mattress as a donation nationwide.

7. Contact the Manufacturer

woman making a phone call

Many manufacturers have taken up the task of handling mattress disposal for their customers. Sometimes they will do it without you having to repurchase a mattress from them; however, some will only recycle your mattress for you if you are having a new mattress delivered.

Resources NYC: To make use of this service contact your specific brand’s customer service department.

Resources Nationwide: If you want to recycle your old mattress to the manufacturer contact their customer service department.

8: Online Marketplaces

mattress on a car

There are a number of online marketplaces that will allow you to sell or give away your old used mattress to a willing person. While you can easily use Facebook’s Marketplace for selling or giving away your old mattress, there are other options available.

Resources NYC: 

  • Craigslist is typically used by New Yorkers to list their mattresses for free.
  • Facebook Marketplace and local Facebook buy and sell groups are great for giving away or selling your mattress.
  • Letgo is an online marketplace serving most areas

Resources Nationwide:

  • OfferUp is one option for selling your used mattress and box spring.
  • Facebook Marketplace and local Facebook buy and sell groups should be available in your area.
  • VarageSale is billed as a family-friendly online garage sale and allows users to sell mattresses. 

9: Break It Down for Parts

mattress springs

Depending on your time constraints and space, you can break down your used mattress for parts. You can recycle old wooden frames from a box spring and, after removing the fabric and batting, you can take the metal from a spring mattress to a scrap yard and receive a few dollars for your time and effort. 

Resources NYC: You can search Google to find a scrap metal yard near you.

Resources Nationwide: A quick Google search will help you to find a local scrap yard to sell your metal.

10. Take It to the Landfill

landfill with mattress

If you have the vehicle resources available to bring your mattress to the local landfill, this option can be optimal for removing your mattress from your home at your leisure. While many landfills will accept any item, some only accept a small list of hazardous waste items so it’s important to make sure they will accept your item before making the trip.

Resources NYC: Unfortunately NYC’s Drop-off sites do not accept mattresses at this time. 

Resources Nationwide: You can check google to find your local garbage landfill.

Local Rules for Mattress Disposal

mattresses on the street of nyc

If you’re looking for mattress disposal in NYC and choose the city’s bulky collection option, there are a lot of rules that you will need to follow. In some cities and towns, there are very few rules that come with ridding your home of a used mattress. 

Typically rules for local garbage bulky waste pickup related to mattress disposal require you to notify your city’s waste management office that you need removal; however, for NYC you need to do more than just notify your local office.

In NYC due to a bed bug epidemic, mattresses that require disposal must be sealed in a plastic bag. Should you neglect to seal your used mattress in a plastic bag the city will give you or your landlord a fine. To fully understand the rules check with your local trash disposal rules and regulations.

Mattress Disposal New York City

new york city skyline

When looking for mattress disposal in NYC, one of the easiest ways is to contact the NYC Department of Sanitation and have them pick up your mattress for you. There are a few rules to remember for this simple process.

  • You must make an appointment for mattresses larger than 4ft by 3ft.
  • Only 10 items per pickup request.
  • Appointments cannot be made on city holidays or days where service is suspended due to snow collection.
  • Next day appointments must be scheduled by midnight the previous day.
  • Mattresses and box springs must be placed in a plastic bag to prevent the spread of bed bugs.
  • Bags can be any color except for red or orange.
  • All sizes of mattresses are taken (twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, California king).
  • Items must be placed on the curb or in the alley between 4 PM and midnight the day before the appointment.

Click here to learn more about mattress and box spring disposal for New York City. If you’d like to schedule your pickup you can do so either by contacting 311 by telephone or by using their online portal. If you have any further questions you can contact the NYC Department of Sanitation at 212-639-9675 or by visiting their website.

Mattress Disposal Los Angeles

la skyline

If you are looking for how to get rid of a mattress in Los Angeles you can contact the Bureau of Sanitation and have them pick up your mattress directly from in front of your home. There are not many rules to remember but they do have a few.

  • Bulky item pickup is free of charge.
  • The city encourages residents to choose recycling options instead.
  • Must call by 6 PM one day prior to regular collection day.
  • If bed bugs are present the mattress must be sealed tightly in plastic, someone will inspect to ensure sealed properly before pickup.
  • You must call if bed bugs are present.
  • To schedule a request online you will need either your DWP or a myLA311 account ID.

To learn more about mattress and box spring disposal for Los Angeles click here. If you’d like to schedule a pickup you can either contact 311, call the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation directly at 800-773-2489 or by using their online portal

Mattress Disposal Chicago

Chicago skyline

When looking for mattress disposal in Chicago there are not many rules to follow to have your mattress picked up by the Department of Streets and Sanitation. They do have some rules and it may be necessary to contact your individual division sanitation office if you have questions.

  • Mattress disposal is free of charge for those with city services.
  • Must be placed by your city services black cart garbage container the night before your regular pickup day.
  • There is no need to schedule a pickup request.
  • If bed bugs are present mattresses and box springs must be wrapped in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Customers should try and alert sanitation workers of bed bug-infested items.
  • You should contact the division sanitation office if you have bed bugs.

Visit the City of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) website for more information about bulky waste pickup or check out this article. For general information about mattress pick up contact the main DSS by telephone at 312-744-4611 or you can visit the City of Chicago 311 either by telephone or website.

To contact your individual DSS division office:

  • Division 1 - Ravenswood office - 312-744-3099
  • Division 2 - Mayfair office - 312-744-2333 or 312-744-2336
  • Division 3 - Northwest office - 312-743-0462
  • Division 3A - Homer & Kilpatric office - 312-744-4160
  • Division 4 - Medill - 312-742-4119
  • Division 5 - 34th & Lawndale office - 312-747-9980
  • Division 6 - Southwest office - 312-745-2243
  • Division 7 - 52nd & Oakley office - 312-747-8171
  • Division 8 - 103rd St office - 312-745-0005

Mattress Disposal Houston

Houston skyline

You can choose recycling or mattress disposal in Houston, Texas. Since 2013 they have offered mattress recycling for city residents. For residents that choose to dispose of their mattresses they can have them picked up from home, there are some rules and regulations to remember. 

  • To recycle mattresses and box springs take them to any neighborhood depository & recycling center.
  • Mattresses are broken down and recycled by The Houston Furniture Bank.
  • If recycling you must be able to prove you are a city resident with a current Texas State driver’s license or ID and a current utility bill or property tax receipt.
  • Neighborhood depository & recycling centers are open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM during daylight savings time and 9 AM to 6 PM during all other times.
  • If using a curbside pickup, your mattress must be put out on junk waste days.
  • Junk Waste is collected on your regular scheduled pickup day during even months (February, April, June, August, October, and December).
  • Mattresses collected during junk waste days must be placed at the curb between 6 PM Friday and 7 AM on your scheduled collection day.
  • Collected mattresses must be at the front curb or a location that is accessible to the collection vehicle.
  • Must be from an occupied property, no contractor generated material is accepted.
  • Mattresses and box springs should not be stacked under low overhead wires, trees, signs or mailboxes.
  • Must not be stacked next to fences or posts.
  • They should not be placed on top of water meters, gas meters, fire hydrants, or exposed utility components.
  • No special regulations for bed bug-infested mattresses.
  • No more than eight cubic yards of waste per collection day.

If you need more information on how to recycle your mattress you can contact Houston 311 by telephone by dialing 311 or 713-837-0311 or by checking their website or reading about their mattress recycling initiative. You can also contact the City of Houston’s Solid Waste Management Department at 713-956-6589. To learn more about junk waste days read this pdf. You can also visit the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department’s website.

If you are looking to drop off your mattress at a neighborhood depository and recycling center visit this website or go to one of the following locations:

  • North - 9003 N Main 77022
  • Northeast - 5565 Kirkpatrick 77028
  • Northwest - 1440 Sommermeyer 77041
  • South - 510 Sunbeam 77033
  • Southeast - 2240 Central Street 77017
  • Southwest - 10785 SW Freeway 77074

Mattress Disposal Phoenix

phoenix skyline

Residents have two options when choosing a public option for mattress disposal in Phoenix. They can choose to take their mattresses to a transfer station for recycling or choose curbside pick up.

  • Mattresses can be recycled at a transfer station.
  • Recycling is provided by Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona.
  • There may be a charge of at least $10 up to $38.25 per ton of material.
  • Fee will be waived if you bring a copy of your water bill and Arizona state ID showing residency as a City of Phoenix Resident.
  • Disposal loads must be properly secured, if they are not there will be a $20 unsecured load penalty.
  • Do not uncover loads before entering the transfer station.
  • For bulky waste pickup mattresses can be put out nine days before scheduled collection week.
  • Must be placed on the curb or in alley by 6 AM on the day starting the collection week.
  • Items must be placed on the edge of your property or along the alley wall with other collection items.
  • Bulk trash is collected in each area four times per year.
  • Service is not provided on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day.

For more information regarding mattress disposal in Phoenix, AZ contact the City of Phoenix Public Works department either online or by telephone at 602-262-6251. You can also read more about their zero-waste mattress recycling initiative on Facebook. If you have more questions about bulk waste pickup the City of Phoenix offers a PDF and website for more information. Read more about your schedule bulky waste pick updates here.

If you choose to take your mattress to a transfer station their locations are listed online and below.

  • North Gateway Transfer Station - 30205 N Black Canyon Hwy 85085 - 602-262-7109
  • 27th Avenue Transfer Station - 3060 S. 27th Ave 85009 - 602-262-7251

Tips for Finding Rules in Your City

woman searching online with a serious look

Whether you are looking for mattress disposal in NYC or any other location, there are a few ways to find that information. You can always contact your local 311 by dialing 311 from your phone. If 311 isn’t available in your location try going to your city’s .gov website and finding the local one call or city services number.

If you choose to complete your search of how to get rid of a mattress online, searching with words like “near me,” your zip code, or city and state will lend the best results for your location. It can also be helpful to search for “mattress disposal rules and regulations” or “mattress disposal guidelines” with your zip code, city, and state, or the words “near me”.

Some states have extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws. These laws mean that mattress manufacturers must provide consumers with a convenient way to get rid of their old mattresses. The main states with these laws are California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

How Long Should Your Mattress Last?

A mattress should last between 8 to 10 years. This is dependent upon the type of mattress you have and how well you treat it. For the various types of mattresses their life span is as follows:

There are a number of tips that experts have agreed will help to prolong the lifespan of your mattress.

a man laying on mattress

Tips for Prolonging The Life of Your Mattress

A mattress is an expensive investment and can cost thousands of dollars. To keep sleeping as well as you did that very first night, try to follow the tips below.

  • Use a mattress protector to keep from voiding your warranty and keep spills from ruining your mattress.
  • Use a properly supported frame or platform to ensure even mattress wear.
  • Don’t allow jumping on the bed as it places unnecessary pressure on the mattress, box spring, and bed frame.
  • Rotate your mattress every two to three months, 180 degrees if you only sleep on one side, 180 degrees and flipped over if two-sided.
  • Vacuum the mattress twice a year to prevent the buildup of dust, sweat, and allergens.
  • When moving a mattress encase it in plastic to avoid dust, dirt, and bed bugs.

How to Tell If Your Mattress is Worn Out

old mattress

If you aren’t sure that you need a new mattress there are some sure signs that your mattress is worn and needs a replacement. A mattress that is lumpy or sagging in areas is one sign. Other signs are that it or the box spring squeaks when you move or it feels like you’re sinking in when you lay on it.

With all the new available mattresses on the market, there’s no reason to suffer all night on a worn one, use SleePare’s mattress comparison tool to find your best sleep today.

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