Blog > 2024 Casper Return Policy: Steps to Replace Your Mattress!

2024 Casper Return Policy: Steps to Replace Your Mattress!

2024 Casper Return Policy: Steps to Replace Your Mattress!

Casper was one of the first bed-in-a-box companies. Established in 2013 in San Francisco, Casper’s craftsmanship and focus on creating innovative mattresses garnered them thousands of fans. The brand lives up to their slogan- Better Sleep. Better Everything. Casper aims to satisfy every customer and wants to make sure everyone is satisfied with their Casper purchase. 

Potential returns and not being able to test are the main reasons some shoppers shy away from buying a mattress online. If you are not satisfied with your mattress, Casper offers a trial period where you can return your mattress for free and receive a full refund. Here’s a rundown of Casper’s return policy and what to expect during the process. 

How Can I Return My Casper Mattress?

When purchasing a bed-in-a-box, one of the first things customers wonder about are returns and “how do I get the mattress back into the box if I have to return it?”. Luckily, Casper takes care of that for you! 

If you need to return your Casper mattress during the trial period, here’s how. 

Contact Customer Service 

To start a Casper mattress return, simply contact their customer service team at 1 888-498-0003 or You can also chat with a representative online.

Once your return is processed, Casper refunds customers in full as well as shipping charges to Alaska or Hawaii. Casper works with their customers to arrange for a pickup through a local charity or recycling partner. All refunds will be processed and credited back to your original payment method within two weeks.

During the trial period, you can return any Casper mattress free and receive a full refund. Even if the items have been assembled, you can return them without the original packaging or box as long as they are in good condition. 

After contacting customer service, Casper will arrange a pickup time. If you need to reschedule your Casper return for any reason, get in touch with customer service as soon as possible to let them know your availability. 

The Fine Print

If you purchased a Casper mattress during a holiday sale or other promotional event, the return policy and trials may vary. Make sure you contact customer service and have your order number and other information ready to double-check before initiating a return. 

When you get a new mattress, it takes your body time to adjust (especially if you’ve been sleeping on an old or worn-out mattress). This is why Casper’s risk-free trial is 100 days so you can see how a new mattress impacts your sleep. Casper also wants customers to have the option to try out products in their own sleep environment. 

A maximum of two items of the same product type may be returned by a customer. If you purchased a Casper mattress from a third-party retailer, you must adhere to their return policy and not Casper’s. Refunds are issued to the original payment method.  

If you used an offer coupon or gift code either online or in a Casper store, the dollar value of the offer code will not be reimbursed in the refund. Casper does not refund shipping costs or fees.

How Do You Return The Mattress After the Free Trial?

Unfortunately, Casper does not allow any mattress returns after 100 days. If your mattress is defective, you might be able to exchange it with Casper’s 10 year limited warranty

How Do I Replace My Casper Mattress?

If you are not satisfied with your Casper mattress, you can always return or exchange it any time within the 100-day trial. After the trial is up, Casper does not allow returns. However, they will honor their warranty if your mattress is defective. 

Here’s what Casper’s mattress warranty covers: 

  • Visible deterioration larger than 1 inch not from indentation, sagging, or caused by an unsupportive bed frame or foundation. 
  • Any physical flaw that causes the foam in the mattress to split or break. 
  • Manufacturing flaws with the mattress cover zipper. 
  • The warranty does not cover: 
  • Softening of the mattress with repeated use does not impact the support of the mattress.  
  • Damage to the mattress caused by the customer. 
  • Casper brand mattress sold by an unauthorized retailer. 
  • Mattresses sold “as is”. 
  • Used mattresses.

For any other issues with your Casper mattress, make sure to contact customer service. 

How to Find Another Affordable Mattress in 2021

Today, mattresses are much more affordable than even a decade ago thanks to new mattress material technology. Just because a mattress is “cheap” doesn’t mean it’s low quality. Shoppers looking to save money can easily find a quality mattress under $800, especially when applying coupons or shopping during sales. 

If you’re in the market for a new, affordable mattress, there are many options available. Keep reading to learn more. 

Casper Alternatives

If you aren’t sold on Casper but still want an affordable mattress, here are some more mattresses that might work for you. 


Purple is known for its pressure-relieving foam and its patented grid technology for a cool sleep.

Price Range: $700 to $1,300

Best for: back and side sleepers, hot sleepers, and those who prefer a firmer mattress.

Shop: Buy Online


Nectar’s original memory foam mattress has been hailed “the best online mattress”. Made with five layers, including a cooling Tencel top, Nectar is an affordable option for those who want to sleep cool and comfy. 

Price Range: $798 to $1,598

Best for: back support, hot sleepers, and those who need excellent motion isolation.

Shop: Buy Online


One of the most popular online mattress brands, Helix is known for a variety of mattresses to cater to a variety of sleepers. From foam, hybrids, to latex, Helix has something for everyone. 

Price Range: $600 to $2,000

Best for: sleepers who want a variety of options

Shop: Buy Online


Another award-winning online mattress, Winkbeds has three mattresses in their line that customers love. Designed to give you “the best sleep of your life”, Winkbeds takes the comfort of a hotel mattress and gives shoppers the opportunity to experience that plushness each night in their own homes.

Price Range: $1,100-$2,500

Best for: sleepers who want a cushioned sleep surface, pressure relief, and temperature regulation. 

Shop: Buy Online

Tuft & Needle

One of the first “mattresses in a box” to hit the market, Tuft & Needle offers innovative mattresses at a fair price. Choose from three all-foam mattresses with special antimicrobial toppers, cooling gel, and more. 

Price Range: $540-$1,600

Best for: those who want an all-foam mattress, affordability, and hot sleepers.

Shop: Buy Online


Many shoppers are understandably hesitant to buy a mattress online because they aren’t able to test it beforehand. Online brands, like Casper and others, understand this and have generous return policies to ensure customers find the perfect mattress. If you’re unhappy with your Casper mattress, make sure to contact their customer service department to arrange your return. 

Looking for even more information about affordable mattresses? Want some mattress recommendations? Visit SleePare’s blog and mattress comparison guide to learn more! Also, if you’re near one of our stores, stop by or schedule an appointment to test out some of the best-selling online mattresses in mattresses. 

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