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Buying a Mattress Online in 2024 [Your Ultimate Guide]

Buying a Mattress Online in 2024 [Your Ultimate Guide]

In the past decade, mattress technology has evolved to match customer demands. With this has come increased variety, modern materials, and new methods of purchasing this home staple. The industry, which was once associated with outdated products and poor ethics, is now one of the top online retail industries in the world. According to the International Sleep Product Association, 45% of mattresses purchased in 2018 were purchased online. The industry shows no sign of slowing down and was valued at $15 billion in 2018. 

While buying a mattress online is clearly preferred by those looking to update their bed, many who have never purchased a mattress online before might be hesitant to make such a large and necessary purchase online without trying the product out in person. Have questions about the online mattress buying process? Not sure where to start? Keep reading to learn more about what to look for when online mattress shopping. 

FAQ’s About Buying Online Mattresses

Buying a mattress is both an investment in your overall health and wellbeing; many don’t realize how important good sleep is until we aren’t getting it. One of the keys to good sleep is a quality mattress. For those who’ve never purchased a mattress online, you probably have questions about the process, types of mattresses you can buy, returns, and more. Read on for answers to common questions about buying a mattress online. 

What Types of Beds Are Sold Online?

Mattresses have evolved past the traditional innerspring and even memory foam. With more tech than ever helping us stay comfortable and get the sleep we need, there is a mattress for everyone. Here are the most common types of mattresses you can buy online, where to buy them, and how they are shipped.

  • Memory Foam

The classic memory foam mattress is both a common mattress in-store and online. These mattresses are constructed with multiple layers of foams and a support layer. Memory foam mattresses are easily compressed and shipped in a single box.

Example: Original Casper mattress

  • Latex

Latex mattresses are an old technology that have recently grown in popularity due to their eco-friendly properties, antimicrobial surface, cooling, and longevity. Natural latex mattresses will outlast any other type of mattress. Like memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses are easy to ship and unwrap. Latex mattresses are usually topped with organic cotton and wool. 

Example: Avocado Vegan

  • Innerspring/Coils 

The oldest type of mattress, innerspring/coil mattresses are the “traditional” mattress. This old technology is still relevant thanks to improved manufacturing and materials. Innerspring mattresses purchased online are usually hand delivered and assembled. 

Example: Saatva 

  • Hybrid

As the name suggests, hybrid mattresses are made with multiple materials such as various foams and often springs or coils. Easy to ship, hybrid mattresses are popular with online shoppers. Hybrid mattresses offer great value and comfort. 

Example: Winkbeds

How Much Do Online Mattresses Cost?

Overall, online mattresses are more cost effective than traditional in-store mattresses. Prices vary based on brand, material, and size. For example, latex mattresses are much more expensive than memory foam or innerspring mattresses. According to The Sleep Foundation, the average price of a mid-range online mattress is $1,000 for a Queen size and $600 for Twin size. 

Can I Get a Discount Buying a Mattress Online?

Holidays like Memorial Day, President’s Day, and Black Friday are synonymous with mattress sales. This is one aspect of traditional mattress shopping that has seeped into the online market. Online mattress companies offer holiday sales, promo codes, and regular sales. Find promo codes by searching online, signing up for newsletters, or social media. SleePare can help you score a deal on an online mattress by visiting one of our showrooms. Our showrooms offer the best of both worlds–test out an online mattress and get an exclusive affiliate discount code. 

What Are Some Common Online Mattress Brands?

There are hundreds of online mattress brands available. Each brand offers a different product and price point. You can find online mattress brands at some authorized retailers like SleePare. 

Here is a list of some common online mattress brands:








Tuft & Needle





Can I Try an Online Mattress Before I Buy It?

The biggest downfall of buying a mattress online is that options are limited to try out the mattress in person. Luckily, SleePare carries some of the most popular online mattress brands that you can test out in our showrooms. Not everyone can get to SleePare to try out these mattresses. Online mattress companies can offer lower prices to customers due to the reduced overhead costs of not having a store. So, shopping for a mattress online comes with the cost of not always getting to try it in-store before purchasing.

Online mattress companies know this is an issue for some which is why they usually offer extended trials, easy returns, and money-back guarantees. 

How Do I Return a Mattress I Purchased Online?

Got your mattress and it turns out it’s not for you? Luckily, you most likely won’t have to worry about the impossible task of stuffing your mattress back into the box it arrived in. Many mattress companies encourage you to donate your unwanted mattress to a local charity and require you to provide a donation receipt. Other companies can schedule a pickup of your unwanted mattress by a charity. 

If you decide to return your mattress, don’t worry about cramming it back into the box it arrived in. 

Can They Dispose of My Old Mattress?

Usually, if you buy a mattress from a local store, the delivery service includes removal and disposal of your old mattress. With online mattress shopping, the mattress disposal process looks a little different. Certain brands like Nectar offer White Glove delivery for an additional fee of $149 that includes installation of a new Nectar mattress and removal of your old mattress. 

To save yourself some trouble, if you have space, keep your old mattress in case the new one doesn’t work out. 

What Else Should I Keep In Mind About Online Mattress Shopping?

When buying a mattress online, there are several factors to consider beyond the obvious like price, material, benefits, etc. Here are a few other things to keep in mind when online mattress shopping. 

  • Trial periods- each company offers different trial periods, These trial periods are risk-free, provide refunds, and on average last about 100 nights. When purchasing your mattress, make sure the retail outlet you purchased the mattress from honors the manufacturer trial periods. 
  • Additional charges-some companies might have additional charges like return, delivery, or disposal fees. Double check these as well as delivery terms and conditions.
  • Warranties-almost all mattresses have some sort of warranty. Each company offers different warranties depending on their policies. Some warranties cover manufacturing defects and certain damages. Warranties can last anywhere from 10 years to a lifetime. 
  • Reviews-it can be tempting to buy a mattress based on reviews alone. However, the comfort of a mattress is subjective. So, it is best to find your favorite and test them out for yourself.

The Benefits of Buying a Mattress Online

Over 50% of consumers prefer shopping online instead of in brick and mortar stores. It’s no wonder considering you can buy almost anything–including a new mattress–without leaving your house. If you’re considering buying a mattress online, here are a few benefits to consider. 

No pushy salespeople

Until the growth of online mattress companies, mattress stores and salespeople had a bad reputation on par with car salespeople for being pushy and shady. With online mattress shopping, you can bypass all of that and get the product you want without disruptions or pressure. 


Online shopping is unarguably more convenient than shopping in-person. Shopping online for a mattress allows you to shop 24/7, 365, whenever you want! It also takes significantly less time as you can easily find product roundups and blogs with the best mattresses and sleep products all in one place. So, you no longer have to drive to a store, deal with traffic, or spend more to get a new mattress. 

Free delivery 

Along with the convenience of buying a mattress online, comes free delivery and returns. Most companies offer both free delivery and returns on their products. If free delivery is not offered, you can always look online for promo codes for an additional discount. Free delivery is less likely to be offered in traditional stores-free delivery is just another way you can save money. When shopping for a mattress online, remember that not every company offers free returns or delivery, (although free delivery is most likely to be offered), Double check before making your purchase to avoid any hidden costs.

Better trial period 

Online mattress companies offer significantly longer trials than in-store mattress purchases. On average, brick and mortar mattress stores offer a trial period of only 30-days. This shortened trial period at brick and mortar stores is justified by the fact you can try out the mattress in store. While you most likely will not be able to fully judge whether or not a mattress will work for you in a short period of time, this trade off seems fair as customers have the chance to try before buying. 

Online companies understand the limitations of buying their product online without trying, which is why most trial periods are 100 days or more. 


Browsing any online mattress companies website is enough to tell you that one of the biggest benefits, and one of the top reasons customers choose to buy online is price. Since online mattress companies do not have to pay for retail stores or additional employees, they can charge much less for their products. Also, there is almost always a coupon code, sale, or promo for online mattresses so you will always be able to get a great deal. 

Drawbacks of Buying a Mattress Online

Not everything can be perfect; even finding your perfect mattress! While there are numerous benefits to buying a mattress online, there are a few drawbacks. Here are a few disadvantages and things to consider when choosing a mattress online versus in store.

No “try before you buy”

When you buy anything online, you don’t know for sure what you are getting until the product arrives. This can be especially cumbersome for such a large and important purchase like a mattress. As a trade-off, online mattresses have longer trial periods so you can know if you made the right decision. Some companies, like the best-selling Nectar, have a 365-night trial. 

Some companies have showrooms (like SleePare) where you can try their mattresses in-person and still get the benefits of a long trial. 

Disposal of your old mattress

One of the big questions when purchasing a mattress online is what to do with your old mattress. A benefit of purchasing a mattress from a brick and mortar store is home delivery and disposal of your old mattress. When buying a mattress online, you are more often than not responsible for disposing of your old mattress. 

Takes longer to “break it in” 

Certain mattresses like memory foam, hybrids, and latex arrived compressed and sealed. It can take a few days for the mattress to completely expand and be usable. These materials-especially latex-are very sturdy compared to traditional mattresses and can take some time for your body to adapt. 

Excessive choices 

Sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing. Online mattress shopping can present too many options and overwhelm some shoppers. To narrow down your choices, do as much research as possible, watch video reviews, and make a list of things you are looking for. When buying a new mattress, it is important to consider your sleep position or any other factors like sleep disorders. 

Tips for Buying a Mattress Online

Online shopping is much easier than shopping in-store but finding your perfect mattress can be a challenge. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start looking let alone making a purchase. Here are a few quick tips to help you choose the right mattress for you. 

Know what you want

When deciding on a new mattress, it is important to first consider the features that are important to you. Most commonly, shoppers want to consider budget, longevity, comfort, and support when shopping for a new mattress. Once you narrow that down, consider other factors like temperature regulation, lumbar support, and allergies. Figuring out what you want, don’t want, or absolutely have to have in your mattress will start you on the right track to finding your dream mattress. 

Have a few mattresses you’re looking at? Use our mattress comparison tool to make an informed purchase and figure out what mattress is best for you.

Learn the products 

You don’t need to be an expert to buy the right mattress. Learning the difference between mattress types like hybrid and innerspring and which product you would like, can help you narrow down your choices. Most mattresses are similar, however a single defining feature can make a difference in your choice. When shopping on mattress company websites, have tables that help you compare features of each product. 

Comparing warranties, shipping, and returns

Online mattress companies want you to like their product and have a good experience using their product. As a result, and the fact that options are limited or no-existent for trying before buying, online mattress companies are known for their generous returns, free shipping/returns, and warranties. Once you find the mattress you want, double-check these policies to make sure you don’t get stuck with a product you don’t want. 

Customer service and support

With so much competition both online and in brick and mortar stores, companies strive to go above and beyond with customer service to keep you coming back and gain loyalty. Online mattress companies offer exceptional customer support to make sure their customers make the right purchase. Online stores offer numerous ways to get in touch with their team like chat, email, and by phone. Also, these websites have extensive FAQs, tables, blogs, and other information to help guide you. 

Choose a reputable company/product

With the plethora of online mattress stores, it can be easy to fall for too good to be true deals presented from questionable companies. When shopping for a mattress online, make sure you are shopping from a reputable company and website. Do your research on the company you want to order from and check out their BBB rating. Also, read reviews and ask your friends or family for recommendations.  

Best Online Mattress Brands

If you’ve decided you want to buy a mattress online, you probably already have an idea of what you want. With hundreds of brands to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices and make a final decision. You’ve probably heard of some of these brands or seen their products when shopping online. Here are some of the best online mattress brands and a little info about each. 

Tuft & Needle

Products: foam and hybrid mattresses, bedding, and furniture

Price Range: $400-$900

Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

Trial: 100 nights

Free Delivery: Yes, except for orders shipping to Alaska and Hawaii 

Best Seller: Tuft & Needle Original

Brand Review: Tuft & Needle was one of the first online companies to offer all-foam mattress. Made with proprietary and custom formulated foam, Tuft & Needle mattresses are a best-seller at both SleePare and online. The company offers two foam mattresses, the T&N Original and the Mint Mattress as well as the T&N Hybrid. 


Products: foam and hybrid mattresses, pillows, bases, sheets, weighted blankets

Price Range: $500-$1,000

Warranty: 25 years

Trial: 120 nights

Free Delivery: Yes

Best Seller: Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Brand Review: Layla mattresses offer a simple construction that packs major benefits. Well not as well known as competitors, Layla is becoming a popular choice for online mattress shoppers. Along with their signature memory foam, Layla also has the only flippable hybrid mattress available online. 


Products: foam, hybrid, and organic mattresses, bases, and pillows.

Price Range: $600-$1,349

Warranty: 10-15 years limited-warranty

Trial: 100 nights

Free Delivery: Yes

Best Seller: Helix Midnight Luxe

Brand Review: Helix has become one of the top online and bed in a box companies. From all-foam, hybrid, to organic mattresses, Helix offers something for everyone. Helix also has an advanced sleep quiz to help you find the best mattress in the Helix product line.


Products: memory foam and hybrid mattresses, bedframes, sheets, pillows.

Price Range: $749-$1,899

Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Trial: 120 night

Free Delivery: Yes

Best Seller: WinkBed Mattress

Brand Review: WinkBeds takes the comfortable and luxurious feel of a hotel mattress and brings it into your home with their hybrid mattresses. These mattresses are made to support side-sleepers and provide superior pressure relief. WinkBeds aims to provide “the best sleep of your life” and does just that with their quality mattresses.

Brooklyn Bedding

Products: hybrid mattresses, bedding accessories, foundations, and adjustable bases.

Price Range: $549-$1,299

Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

Trial: 120 nights

Free Delivery: Yes

Best Seller: Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

Brand Review: Brooklyn Bedding is one of the top online mattress manufacturers. Customers love the brand’s low-cost quality mattresses and sleep products. Brooklyn Bedding has been compared to Tempur-Pedic in terms of quality and is a great alternative to pricer brands without skimping on quality.


Image of Saatva Latex Hybrid


Products: mattresses, frames, bases, sheets, and pillows

Hybrid, innerspring, and foam mattresses along with bed frames, pillows, and sheets.

Price Range: $849-$1,899

Warranty: 15 year

Trial: 180-night trial

Free Delivery: Yes, and free white glove delivery 

Best Seller: Saatva Mattress

Brand Review: With 11 mattresses in their product line, Saatva has a quality mattress to meet anyone’s sleep needs. From luxury hybrids, memory foam, innerspring, and organic latex, Saatva’s vast product line-up is a favorite among online mattress customers. 


Products: foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, bedframes, pillows, and bedding accessories

Price Range: $399 to $2,599

Warranty: 10 year limited warranty

Trial: 100 nights

Free Delivery: Yes

Best Seller: Casper Original

Brand Review: One of the first online bed in a box companies, Casper is one of the popular and recognizable names in the mattress industry today. From all foam mattresses, hybrids, and the famous Casper Dreamery in NYC, Casper has been at the forefront of the online mattress industry for almost a decade. Casper provides revolutionary and affordable mattresses for everyone. 

There are many things to consider when shopping for mattresses online from materials, brands, cost, and delivery. If you are still unsure about buying a mattress online, check out our sleep guides and mattress comparison tool for more info about buying a mattress online. Can’t finalize your mattress purchase without testing it in-person?  Visit one of SleePare’s showrooms to test hundreds of products and have our friendly staff help you find the perfect mattress. 

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