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Where To Buy A Casper Mattress

Where To Buy A Casper Mattress

Where To Purchase A Casper Mattress

Curious about where to try out a Casper mattress before committing to a purchase? The great news is you have the option to experience this mattress firsthand at our SleePare locations. Whether you're looking for better sleep or simply want to ensure the perfect fit, testing a mattress in person is a reasonable concern. SleePare stores provide the chance to try Casper mattresses, allowing you to assess their compatibility with your personal requirements. This guide highlights the benefits of in-store mattress testing and directs you to SleePare locations where you can try out a Casper mattress.

Why are Casper mattresses so popular?

Casper mattresses have become popular for multiple reasons. Their innovative design and use of high-quality materials help this superior product to provide a balance of comfort and support. Known for their top-tier comfort, Casper mattresses appeal to a wide range of sleepers with varying preferences. Their direct-to-consumer model, offering convenient online purchasing and hassle-free delivery, has also contributed to their popularity. Finally, their commitment to customer satisfaction, including generous trial periods and warranties, has helped establish trust and loyalty among consumers.

Benefits Of Shopping For A Casper Mattress

Shopping for a Casper Mattress is not only convenient but also allows for you to customize comfort based on your needs. The hassle-free process of shopping online combined with a risk-free trial are also important factors for a positive shopping experience.

  • Expert Guidance: Rely on our sleep specialists for tailored advice based on your individual needs, making sure you leave with the perfect Casper mattress.
  • Casper Information: Gain access to informative resources that reveal the benefits and features of owning a Casper mattress.
  • Exclusive In-Store Deals: Enjoy special discounts and promotions exclusively available to our in-store patrons.
  • Testing is Free: Conduct your Casper test run and try out your mattress of choice at no cost!
  • Confidence in Purchase: Testing out your Casper mattress in person before buying helps build confidence that you’ve based your choice on your own experience!
  • More Options: You may broaden your Casper mattress options after seeing them in store compared to shopping for them online.


How many types of Casper mattresses are there?

There are 3 types of Casper mattresses out there:

  • The One: This is the original mattress that provides a supportive feel with breathable support.
  • The Hybrid: With 3 zones of enhanced support, this type comes with premium support due to responsive coils.
  • The Maxes: For extremely deep sleep, this precisely cut foam helps you to sleep deeper as it cradles your natural body curves.

Where Can I Buy A Casper Mattress In-Store Near Me?

As the #1 location to test and buy online mattresses, SleePare has multiple locations nationwide. Whether you’re on the west coast near our Los Angeles store, on the east coast near our New York City location, or anywhere in between, SleePare has easy access sites you can visit as a tourist or a resident. Our convenient locations are all dedicated to helping you find the right mattress for you no matter where you live. 

Where To Purchase A Casper Mattress In Los Angeles

Thinking about experiencing a Casper Mattress firsthand in Los Angeles? Visit our SleePare store on Olympic Blvd for an in-person test run! Testing a mattress before purchase offers crucial insights for an informed decision, guaranteeing your investment in restful and comfortable sleep. Explore the top-notch engineering of the Casper brand and its potential to elevate your sleep experience to new levels of comfort and relaxation.

Name: SleePare Mattress Store Los Angeles
Address:  6060 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles 90036, USA
Phone number: 866-841-5063
Email address:
Hours And Location

  • Monday 10 AM–6:30 PM
  • Tuesday 11 AM–6:30 PM
  • Wednesday 11 AM–6:30 PM
  • Thursday 11 AM–6:30 PM
  • Friday 10 AM–6:30 PM
  • Saturday 10 AM–7 PM
  • Sunday 10 AM–7 PM

Where To Purchase A Casper Mattress In Chicago

Test Out the Comfort: Located in the bustling city of Chicago on Irving Park Road, SleePare offers a tranquil setting for exploring the luxurious comfort of Casper mattresses. As you contemplate your options for a whole new sleeping set up, trying out the mattresses in our store can help you make your decision with clarity. Not only will our SleePare location in Chicago provide you a haven for experiencing these cozy mattresses, but the knowledgeable staff can guide you in making a purchase you can be happy with. 

Name:  SleePare Mattress Store Chicago
Address:  4866 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago IL 6064, USA
Phone number: 347-450-7788
Email address:
Hours And Location

  • Monday 10:30 AM-7 PM
  • Tuesday 10:30 AM-7 PM
  • Wednesday 10:30 AM-7 PM
  • Thursday 10:30 AM-7 PM
  • Friday 10:30 AM-7 PM
  • Saturday 10:30 AM-7 PM
  • Sunday 10:30 AM-7 PM

Where To Purchase A Casper Mattress In Miami

Experience Restful Sleep: Visit SleePare in Miami to treat yourself in the snug embrace of a Casper mattress, conveniently located near the vibrant energy of Downtown Miami and the allure of Biscayne Bay. Whether you’re a resident of Miami or just visiting, our SleePare location is the ideal place for anyone interested in upgrading their mattress at home. Not only will you be able to try mattresses at no cost and with no pressure, you also have the confidence that your experience here will lead you to the right purchas.

Name: SleePare Mattress Store Miami
Address:  217 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33127, USA
Phone number: 866-671-7981
Email address:
Hours And Location

  • Monday 10:30 AM–6:30 PM
  • Tuesday 10:30 AM–6:30 PM
  • Wednesday 10:30 AM–6:30 PM
  • Thursday Closed
  • Friday 11 AM–6:30 PM
  • Saturday 10:30 AM–6:30 PM
  • Sunday 10:30 AM–6:30 PM

Customer Testimonials and Experiences

Vinnie D gave the following report about our SleePare LA location, “I don’t even know where to begin. This has been the easiest process. I’ve never had fun looking at mattresses until today. Dray is one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with in service. He is easy going, thorough, kind, full of knowledge....”
Dvir Kol gave a glowing review to our Chicago site, “I had a great experience mattress shopping at Sleepare. They have all the online brands like Nectar, Helix and Dreamcloud available to try. They offer great help when it comes to finding the right mattress for you. I would definitely recommend them for any mattress needs.”
Our Miami location also gets great ratings as reflected by customer Aldo Salas, “Excellent customer service. I really love this mattress. It feels really firm and just right for me. There are many choices to pick from. I really love the prices too. Strongly recommended. There is nothing more important that a good night sleep.”

You won’t regret choosing to shop at SleePare as our dedication to our customers never falls short. Our goal is that you are completely happy with your mattress decision.



What is the trial period offered by Casper?

Included with every Casper mattress purchase is a 100-night risk free mattress trial. This trial period offers sufficient time to assess your sleeping comfort as time goes on. This offering is one of the many reasons people enjoy buying from Casper. 

What is Casper’s warranty policy? 

Casper mattresses come with a 10 year limited mattress warranty. This extended warranty is also offered with free shipping and returns. These combined benefits not only assist individuals in making a stress-free purchase from Casper but also contribute to a confident and satisfying shopping experience.

How does the delivery and setup process work for Casper mattresses? 

Once the order is placed, customers receive a confirmation email with tracking information to monitor the delivery status. Casper mattresses arrive compressed, vacuum-sealed, and shipped in a box for easy handling. After unboxing, the mattress expands to its full size over a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the specific model and environmental conditions. Once fully expanded, the mattress is ready for use. Customers can then place it on their bed frame or foundation and start enjoying their new mattress!

Is it possible to test a Casper mattress in-store before purchasing? 

You can certainly try out a Casper mattress before making a purchase, and we highly recommend it! SleePare is an authorized retailer offering you the perfect environment to test a Casper mattress. Our locations typically have display models ready for you to relax on in person to truly experience the support and comfort.


Choosing the perfect mattress requires deeper consideration than what initially meets the eye. The better you understand your sleep position, physical requirements, and preferences, the easier your search for the perfect mattress becomes. SleePare stands as the premier destination for where to buy Casper mattresses in-store. Allow yourself plenty of time to explore and try out different options, ensuring you find the ideal fit for a restful night's sleep.


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