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Best Bed Frame for a Latex Mattress 2024

Best Bed Frame for a Latex Mattress 2024

Best Foundations For Latex Mattresses

If you have settled on purchasing a latex mattress, selecting the appropriate foundation is of the utmost importance. Proper mattress support may help improve spinal alignment and cushion pressure points, in addition to preserving the structural integrity of the mattress and extending its life of the mattress. 

Mattress platform for latex mattress

Without a mattress foundation, no mattress is complete. A strong foundation raises the bed and distributes your weight in such a way that the mattress and you are both supported. Your mattress could sag if it does not have sufficient support. This can result in the entire support structure of the mattress failing, preventing the mattress from offering the level of comfort and support for which it was designed. 

Here, we’ll review the best foundations for latex mattresses and the best bed frames for latex mattresses in 2022. 


8 Reasons Why A Mattress Foundation Is Important

Many modern mattresses don’t require foundations. On the other hand, latex mattresses require a foundation in order to perform effectively as part of the bed as a whole. The following are some of the reasons why a mattress foundation is necessary and why you should think about purchasing one.

Mattress foundation

1) Maintains the warranty 

Some mattresses require a foundation to maintain the warranty. Manufacturers require this to ensure that the mattress is adequately supported.The warranty agreement that comes with your new mattress typically specifies specifically what kind of support your mattress needs to endure its projected lifespan. In fact, more well-known mattress manufacturers frequently offer a foundation or box spring that is suitable with their mattresses.

2) Provide support 

A foundation with a latex mattress ensures that the mattress provides the best possible support. This will also make sure that you get the most out of the mattress's comfort and support features. A good mattress foundation will give the mattress strong, even support so you can sleep easily. 

3) Extend the life of the mattress 

Adding a foundation to a latex mattress will add a layer of support. A foundation helps stop your mattress' surface from sagging or developing indentations too early.  

4) Provide the bed frame with more height 

A bed frame can readily accommodate thinner mattresses, which can range in thickness from 6 inches to over 14 inches. Adding a foundation beneath your mattress will give your bed more height. You can roll out of bed without difficulty in the mornings if your bed frame is taller because it is easier to get into and out of. 

5) Keeps the mattress in place

Adding a foundation will prevent your mattress from slipping and help keep it in place. Your mattress won't move as you get in and out of bed or turn and turn at night if your foundation is solid. 

6) Reduces pressure and absorbs shock

Latex mattresses are excellent for pain and pressure. However, with the addition of a foundation, it will add even more pressure relief and shock absorption. This will help prevent back pain when you wake up. 

7) Increases and improves airflow

Latex mattresses are already known for their cooling properties and optimal airflow. A slatted foundation will further increase airflow. The open construction of slatted mattress foundations keeps heated air from building up inside the bed.

8) Keeps the mattress clean 

Dirt, dust, and mold won't build up on your mattress if you keep it off the floor. It also keeps moisture away from your mattress.


What makes a great base for a latex mattress?

Latex mattresses are much heavier than memory foam or other types of mattresses. A foundation will add further support for both the mattress and your body. Simply said, the typical set of box springs cannot handle the job of supporting a latex mattress. Here are a few aspects of a foundation that make a great base for a latex mattress. 

Bed frame for latex mattress

  • Height 

The typical height of a bed frame is 7 inches which can be too high or too low for you to comfortably get in and out of bed. This aspect depends on the thickness of your mattress and the foundation design. It’s crucial to check accurate measurements when purchasing a bed frame to ensure comfort and ease of use, especially if you are buying it for your child​​, or someone with mobility concerns. 

  • Support

Cheaper bed frames often have flimsy or subpar construction. It is important to make an investment in a foundation composed of durable materials if you want support and longevity.

  • Mattress type 

Your mattress type—memory foam, latex, hybrid, or innerspring—should be taken into account when selecting a bed frame or foundation. For instance, memory foam mattresses perform best on level, firm foundations, such as the ground. On the other hand, well-slatted bed frames perform well with latex mattresses. 

  • Size

Bed frames come in various sizes for adults, growing adolescents, and kids. You should spend money on a mattress and bed frame set that your child can grow into so It will last much longer.Make sure to purchase a foundation to match.

  • Style

Due to the wide variety of styles and materials available, purchasing a bed frame can be fun. There are many different styles to choose from, like modern, futuristic, ornate, charming, and minimalist. You can even have your foundation customized to fit your needs and style preferences. Or, you might ask for one with several uses and built-in drawers. It is entirely up to you whether you like a bed frame made of wood (including recycled wood), metal, fabric, laminate, or veneer. 

  • Flexibility

If you frequently rearrange the furniture in your bedroom, you'd be wise to purchase a bed frame with wheels that are durable and light enough to move. This will make it simpler for you to move to a different area of your room anytime you want to. 

  • Protection from the floor 

Bed frames and mattresses are heavy enough to where they might damage your flooring. It would be better to have a buffer between the foundation and the floor if you have a fine oak floor or premium carpet. To safeguard and maintain the aesthetic of your flooring, you should also think about buying bed frame glides.


Best Bed Frames For Latex Mattresses in 2022

1) Purple Foundation 

The popular mattress manufacturer, Purple, has expanded their product line into bedding furniture, which is our top pick for the best bed frame for latex mattresses. It sits tall at 17 inches high. The sturdy steel construction provides excellent support for a latex mattress. 

Purple foundation

The foundation is simple to put together and requires no special hardware or tools. The Purple foundation has a simple, minimalist design and is priced fairly for a quality product. This bed frame has a slatted metal design. The top and bottom slats provide dual support. The slats are spaced apart by 5.5 inches, which is large enough to support a sturdy latex mattress. The perpendicular slatted design allows for greater weight-bearing and pressure absorption. 

Features of the Purple Foundation: 

  • Easy assembly
  • Reinforced joints to reduce squeaking
  • 4,000 weight limit 
  • 5-year warranty
  • Can be used on its own or can sit inside a frame

2) PlushBeds Orthopedic Foundation

PlushBeds are known for its high-end, quality mattresses. However, the PlushBeds Orthopedic Foundation is another excellent product offering from the brand. This foundation has a lower profile, 8 inches, than others on this list. The lower height of this foundation is better for those without mobility issues. 

PlushBeds foundation

A Euro-slatted construction is a component of the PlushBeds Orthopedic foundation. Slats that are flexible response to changes in weight. If you're seeking a flexible foundation, this foundation offers personalized comfort and support. These exposed hardwood slats are secured in position by Velcro straps on each end. 

Made with solid spruce wood that has been heat-treated for maximum support, this foundation is extra supportive and holds 1,200 pounds. The heat treatment ensures the wood won’t absorb moisture, as water may cause irreparable damage. To improve ventilation, the frame is coated with an organic cotton cloth that also secures the mattress. 

Features of the PlushBeds Orthopedic Foundation: 

  • Holds 1,200 pounds, excellent for plus-sized couples 
  • 8 inches tall 
  • No leg support, low profile
  • One-year warranty 
  • Extra ventilation makes it ideal for hot sleepers 
  • Available in standard size and split king, queen, and split California king 
  • Slat pack with non-slip fabric covering

3) Vaya Platform Bed

The Vaya Platform Bed is a simple, straightforward design made with quality materials but at an affordable price. The foundation’s side rails are made of polyester knit fabric, giving it a contemporary appearance and a light gray color that goes with most bedrooms. The foundation is sturdy enough to support a latex mattress. 

Vaya foundation

This easy to assemble platform bed can be installed in just a few short minutes. You install the central support beams after you slide the side rails into position. Finally, spread out the five or six frame-supplied slats to complete the installation. 

Vaya's Platform Bed has fewer slats than a lot of equivalent beds. This is due to the bed's slats being broader than usual to produce a surface that is more evenly supportive. The smaller amount of slats helps with airflow and prevents the buildup of body heat and moisture. This design helps the Vaya Platform Bed strike a balance between consistent support and breathability. 

Features of the Vaya Platform Bed:

  • 13 inches tall 
  • Can be used in place of a conventional bed frame 
  • 5-year warranty
  • Assembles without tools

4) Nest Bedding HomeBase Foundation

If you want the best of the best and the latest technology in all aspects of your home, you can’t go wrong with combining the Nest HomeBase Foundation with a quality latex mattress. This is the most versatile bed foundation available on the market as it serves as a foundation, box spring, and platform bed all in one. 

Nest Bedding foundation


This foundation is made with untreated plywood and includes polyester suede upholstery, making it sturdy enough to hold a heavy latex mattress. Two discrete USB power kits are positioned on both sides of the platform of the HomeBase Foundation for easy access to charge your gadgets while you sleep. 

Features of the Nest Bedding HomeBase Foundation:

  • Available in a high and low profile 
  • No tool assembly 
  • 5-year warranty 
  • Available in black, gray, and sand

5) Zoma Foundation

The Zoma Foundation is a versatile, modern foundation that can be used as a base alone or in place of a box spring. It has a slat-pack design that provides exceptional support and black fabric that blends in with almost any type of decor. This foundation is made from pine wood, which provides a sturdy base, ideal for latex mattresses. It has a sleek, contemporary look, and the legs are adjustable so you may change the height to suit your individual needs.

Zoma foundation

This foundation is easy to assemble due to it’s t simple to snap together the base's four corners. The slat pack then unfolds on top of the foundation to provide your mattress a level, reliable base. The slats are about three inches apart, making them suitable for supporting a latex mattress. 

Features of the Zoma Foundation: 

  • Optional legs 
  • Breathable fabric for optional airflow 
  • Slats designed to provide support and extra airflow
  • Sturdy wood frame 
  • Available in standard sizes as well as Twin XL and California King



Since organic latex mattresses are reactive to the foundation, even the shape, thickness, and spacing of the slats can affect how your mattress feels. To get the most out of your latex mattress it’s advisable to select a foundation that is designed to specifically work with latex mattresses. Besides a foundation, you can also use a platform bed frame that is firmly supported in order to maximize performance and assure warranty coverage. 

A latex mattress isn’t for everyone. If you are curious about testing a latex mattress before buying one, come try out a latex mattress at one of our SleePare locations to see if it's the perfect choice for you! 


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