Blog > 3 Proven Reasons Why People Who Test Mattresses Pre-Purchase Are Happier With Their Choices 2024

3 Proven Reasons Why People Who Test Mattresses Pre-Purchase Are Happier With Their Choices 2024

3 Proven Reasons Why People Who Test Mattresses Pre-Purchase Are Happier With Their Choices 2024

In-Store Mattress Testing When your granny insists on testing a mattress before buying, she isn’t out of wisdom (or old-fashioned). Online mattress purchase saves both time and money, no doubt. But, this convenience comes with a price! You have to spend your money without even touching your mattress.

What if you don’t like the way it feels? Then you have to brave the laborious processes for returns and refunds. In-store mattress testing, in most cases, eliminates this hassle. In fact, 92% of buyers prefer mattress testing in-store before making a purchase.

Importance of Brick and Mortar Stores

Most buyers agree that buying a mattress in the store can be daunting. However, mattress testing has its benefits that you cannot just overlook. Read along to understand why people who test mattresses in-store before purchase are happier with their choices. We will also tell you how SleePare helps you research and test mattress pre-purchase so you can get the best deal for quality sleep.

Benefits of Testing a Mattress In-Store Before Purchase

Many people find online mattress shopping too risky. You can never be sure what you’ve got into until you hit the bed and wake up with a backache. Testing a mattress in a store or showroom eliminates this element of surprise.

1. They are more confident about the mattress firmness and feel.

Testing Mattress Feel and Firmness

There is no one-size-fits-all sleep solution. The mattresses are as unique as us humans. Moreover, the firmness and feel are highly subjective. The most comfortable mattress for you may not be as comfy for your partner. While you search for the perfect mattress online, you will come across various comfort levels, Soft, Medium, Firm, and many in between.

However, bear in mind that the comfort levels are defined and labeled for persons with average weight. If you are lightweight or overweight, you will find the mattress softer or firmer. Even if you fall in the average weight bracket, your sleeping position and body structure define the level of comfort you get on a particular sleep surface. For instance, side sleepers prefer softer mattresses to prevent soreness.

Check out our guide on the best mattress for overweight sleepers

To test a mattress, it’s recommended to lie in your usual sleep position for 10-15 mins to understand how the sleep surface responds to your body. Then you can change positions and note:

  • Sinkage and spinal alignment in your preferred sleeping position
  • Neck, shoulder and back support
  • Ease of changing positions without any added effort
  • Motion transfer if sharing the bed with a partner or a pet
  • Heat retention, especially if you are a hot sleeper
  • Getting in and out of mattress if you’re overweight or elderly

Wanna know more? Read about five sure shot ways to find the perfect mattress firmness in store.

2. They get to explore a variety of options.

Mattress Variety in SleePare Showroom

Showrooms and mattress stores offer a lot of choices and options under a single roof. You get to explore models in a range of materials, with different feel and price. Even with the same firmness levels, the feel of memory foam is poles apart from that of latex or innerspring. You’ve to lie on one to know how your body responds to it.

Online mattress shopping is tempting no doubt; however, many factors need particular attention. For instance, you need to check the mattress for support, pressure-point relief, bodyweight distribution, conformity, and many more! Then, you need to check the new mattress for your personal standards (softness, cooling, bounce, etc. ) in order to sleep better.

The trick to choose the best mattress is to go prepared. Research your options. Get adequate information about mattress materials, their properties and durability expectations. This way you understand your choices better and don’t rely on anyone for the necessary details. Thus, you have a fair chance to resist the pressure from the salesperson trying to lead you to the most expensive mattress in the shop.

3. They get personalized assistance from salespersons who are sleep experts.

Most people research online before making an offline purchase. With a plethora of information on the tips of your fingers, it’s hardly surprising. Online search is a great way to start understanding your mattress options.

For instance, you can study the properties of different mattress materials and figure out how they respond to weight or movements. Getting in-depth knowledge about mattresses is crucial to take an informed decision. However, in a store, you can test the mattresses and discuss your specific needs with the sleep consultants.

Most people prefer showrooms for testing mattresses because the salesmen are much more qualified to answer your queries. They are knowledgeable enough to give you suggestions based on your specific sleep needs. Whether you seek the best mattress for back pain or sleep apnea, these sleep consultants can point you in the right direction. If you’ve done your homework, you can get the best deal for your restful snooze in a store.

Merging Online and In-Store Mattress Purchase Experience

Some online mattress shops have begun to realize that an online presence alone is not enough. In-store mattress testing is not just a choice, but a necessity to get the personalized slumber solutions.

SleePare Showroom

The amounts to $15 billion for 2018 with a 0.6% annual growth rate. As a result, online mattress shops are mushrooming, each claiming excellence and promising the “unique” solution to your slumber pains. The idea that aimed to simplify mattress shopping has become complicated due to fancy names and marketing gimmicks.

Merging offline and online mattress shopping is required to win the trust of customers today. SleePare brings you the most trusted, unbiased mattress reviews all at one place. You can get a side by side comparison of different mattresses through SleePare’s mattress comparison tool. Find customer scores for each mattress features, and understand all your available options.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, visit the SleePare showroom to enjoy a unique mattress testing comfort and ambiance.

  • Free mattress testing facility
  • Hundreds of online mattress models
  • Plenty of time to test the feel and comfort
  • Take a nap to test mattress performance
  • The absence of pushy salespersons
  • Free personalized advice to find the best options

The importance of in-store mattress testing cannot be denied. Those who choose the online way, compromise on in-store testing for saving time and money. On the other hand, those who prefer to try before they buy a new mattress, brave pushy salesmen to get the right comfort and feel.

You experience no “pushy salesmen” at SleePare showroom because we don’t sell anything. You can explore and test the entire online mattress collection without spending a dime. Get cozy in the bed and even take a nap to check out the sleep quality. Find the best mattress for money and enjoy a remarkable in-store experience. No blind online mattress purchase anymore!

SleePare showroom bridges the gap between the online and offline mattress buying experience. Testing the new mattress is essential and proper research beforehand can help you make the best decision. Once you understand how to test a mattress in the store, you can certainly find the perfect bed for the most refreshing slumber experience.

Best wishes for your mattress hunt and enjoy the dreamy rest on your remarkable new bed!

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Dustin Morgan

Dustin Morgan

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Dustin Morgan is the Chief Mattress Analyst and Sleep Technology Expert at SleePare. He combines his computer science background with his passion for sleep innovation. With personal experience testing over 200 mattresses, Dustin offers unmatched insights into finding the perfect sleep solution for various needs. His work focuses on delivering honest and detailed comparisons and advice to help individuals achieve their best sleep. When he is not exploring the latest sleep technology, Dustin enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and gaming in his Virginia home.

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