Are You Allergic To Any Specific Mattress Materials?

by SleePare

By Sofia Axelrod | 1 Minute Read
Are you allergic to any specific mattress materials

Mattress makers use many synthetic and natural materials in their products. And, whether you’re allergic to any of those, certainly affects the mattress you choose.

  • Although most mattresses today are CertiPUR-US certified, you might be allergic to the glues or other chemicals used in the mattress.
  • Natural latex is an eco-friendly and healthy alternative to synthetic foams; however, you need to make sure you’re not allergic to it.
  • Mattress makers use innovative materials in their products, such as graphite, titanium, charcoal, copper, silver, etc. Understand what’s in your bed and make sure it’s not harmful for you. Exercise same caution for mattress covers.
  • Are you allergic to wool? Some mattresses use wool as a natural fire retardant.

Another problematic issue is allergy-triggering due to dust mites and bed bugs. These super gross creepy crawlies dwell in our old mattresses and love to consume our dead cells. The worst thing, according to WebMD, is that about 20 million Americans suffer from bed bug allergies. Dust mites existence can lead to severe skin problems such as eczema. Dust alone is problematic for sleepers with breathing issues, like asthma. You get the picture. Avoid: Dust mites reside in the spaces between the spring mattress coils Go for: foam or memory foam mattresses as they are resistant to dust mites and bed bugs. You may also choose organic mattresses for a healthier sleep experience.