Airweave Showroom Experience – Where to Try Airweave Mattress in Store?

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Full refunds and free returns with in-home trials are among the top benefits of shopping mattresses online. But despite these lucrative policies, 75% of consumers still prefer to touch or feel the product before buying physically.

Airweave believes that in-store mattress testing for only a few minutes can’t determine how the mattress is going to perform. You need at least 3 or 4 weeks to see if the mattress is suitable for you or not.

Consequently, the brand had no authorized dealers in the past. But now you can test Airweave mattress in the store before buying exclusively at the SleePare Showroom in New York City.

 AddressProsConsCustomer ExperienceDeliveryReturns
SleePare218 W 30th St, NYCTop-quality online mattress brands on display

Free pre-purchase in-store testing

No pushy salespeople

Well trained and knowledgeable staff

30-min nap time available

Only two showroomsExcellentExcellentExcellent

Airweave Showroom Experience

Where can I find Airweave stores near me in NYC?

You can test and purchase Airweave mattresses exclusively from the SleePare showroom situated in Manhattan.

Where can I buy Airweave mattresses outside NYC?

Visit SleePare showroom in Virginia to test Airweave mattress outside New York. If you live in any other state, you can order online to try it at home.

Does Airweave have any authorized stores or dealers?

SleePare is the only authorized Airweave mattress retailer where you can test its unique features before you buy it. When you are satisfied, our store staff will assist you with your order placement.

Where is Airweave headquartered and can we test its products there?

Airweave is a Japanese mattress brand with its main headquarters located in Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, and North American headquarters situated on 447 Broadway, NYC. There is no separate Airweave shop in NYC to test the mattress.

Why should I go for an in-store trial for Airweave mattress?

Airweave mattress features a unique patented technology called Airfiber. This mattress material is unlike any conventional foam, so trying Airweave in-store makes you more confident about this Airfiber base and how it responds to your body structure.

How can I ensure the Airweave mattress is the right choice for me?

You can go through the Airweave mattress review on the SleePare website to know more about its features, benefits, and functionalities. There are various other online reviews also available for you to check. Furthermore, you can test and compare different mattresses side-by-side at the Airweave showroom NYC. The trained and knowledgeable staff will also guide you in finding the right mattress.

Airweave Showroom Experience at SleePare

Do I have to pay anything for trying out the Airweave mattress?

Airweave mattress trials are free at SleePare.

Do I need an appointment before the Airweave mattress trial?

Though you can drop by for testing at any time convenient to you, we always recommend an appointment for a more personalized Airweave testing experience. You’ll get undivided attention and can consult our sleep specialists at the store. So, book your appointment now.

What are the working hours of the SleePare showroom?

The showroom is open seven days a week.
Monday-Friday: 10:00 am to 8:30 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am to 7:30 pm.
Sunday: 10:00 am to 6:30 pm

Can I get an appointment for a time other than your open hours?

If you are not available during our working hours, please reach out to the SleePare showroom staff to discuss a favorable appointment time.

Does the showroom allow any naptime for testing the sleep quality?

Airweave understands that you cannot determine whether or not a mattress is best for you by lying on it for only five to ten minutes. That is why the company chose SleePare as it allows you 30-minute testing time, enough to catch a quick nap for sleep quality testing.

Can I get any private space for sleep testing my mattress in stores?

Managing a private space for sleep testing is difficult because showrooms are crowded in the open hours. However, you may schedule custom timings by contacting the customer service and set an appointment during the non-rush hours or after the store’s closing times.

How can I conveniently reach the SleePare showroom?

You can take either subway or bus to reach the SleePare showroom. The Bowery Subway Station on Delancey St. is a minute’s walk away from our store while the bus station is in the ballpark too.

Is parking available conveniently near the SleePare showroom?

Parking is readily available along Bowery Street. Several parking lots are also available in this neighborhood.

Is the SleePare showroom kids-friendly?

Yes, it is kids-friendly and perfectly safe for the children who are under adult supervision.

Can I bring my pets to the showroom?

Pets on a leash can accompany you into the SleePare showroom. If you have any specific concerns in this regard, contact the showroom staff.

Is the showroom compliant with ADA requirements?

Yes, SleePare showroom complies with all ADA requirements and is wheelchair accessible too.

About Airweave Brand

What is Airweave?

Airweave is a mattress brand dealing in durable, luxurious, and affordable sleep surfaces for all sleeper types. The company uses its patented Airfiber technology to design its mattresses and meet the specific needs of every customer. You can experience Airweave mattress firsthand at SleePare showroom exclusively or buy it online.

What type of mattress does Airweave offer?

Airweave offers two different mattresses:

  • Airweave Mattress — Firm with excellent back support
  • Airweave Mattress Advanced — Flippable with Firm and regular sides

What is the difference between the Advanced and the regular model?

Both of these models have different construction and firmness levels. Both models use Airfiber technology, but Airweave mattress is Firm whereas the Airweave Advanced has Dual Mode. You can flip the mattress to choose between Firm and regular comfort level. It also comes with an optional pillow top for a softer feel.

Does Airweave offer different firmness levels?

Airweave mattresses are on the firmer side, but you can choose Airweave Advanced for more firmness options. Personal preferences decide which comfort level is right for you. Hence, you need to test the sleep surface in the store to determine which mattress model is best for you.

Is Airweave suitable for hot sleepers?

Yes, Airweave is excellent in breathability. If you sleep hot, then this mattress is right for you. The cover of this mattress features cool fabric. Moreover, the Airfiber core is a unique interwoven mesh with lots of empty spaces for improved airflow.

Is Airweave suitable for all body structures and weight?

Airweave mattresses can be used by people of all body structures under 220 lbs.

Do I need any specific bed frame with my Airweave mattress?

You can use your Airweave mattress on slats, box springs, and platform beds. However, it cannot be used with an adjustable base.

Does Airweave off-gas?

Airweave doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or substances in the construction of its mattresses. Therefore, Airweave mattresses don’t off-gas.

Are Airweave mattresses flame retardant?

Yes, all the mattresses from Airweave go through strict quality testing to prove their flame retardancy. Airweave only uses the necessary chemicals mandatory by law for passing the test.

Is Airweave eco-friendly?

Yes, the Airweave is an eco-friendly brand, and all the technologies it uses in the construction of its mattresses comply with environmental regulations. Furthermore, Airweave is also a CO2 e-assessed company by Carbon Footprint Ltd.

Airweave Mattress Delivery

Can I get free home delivery and in-home trial even after testing my Airweave mattress in-store?

Yes, purchasing your Airweave mattress in-store after your test still makes you eligible to enjoy all the benefits of online shopping.

What is Airweave’s delivery process?

All the mattresses from Airweave are delivered uncompressed. You can also opt for their White-Glove Delivery service, but it doesn’t include mattress removal services.

What is Airweave’s refund and return policy?

Airweave offers a 100-night sleep trial to all its customers. To make any return within this period, you must wait for 30 days break-in duration. You can pay $150 if you wish to return within the first 30 days of your trial.

Can I pick my Airweave mattress directly from the store?

Yes, you can instantly purchase and pick your Airweave mattress at SleePare showroom. However, you need to inform the sales staff about this before placing the order so they can check the stock and arrange a pickup service for you.

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